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  • Future Just Released an Album with Juice WRLD

    1h By Anne Victoria Clark
    It’s finally Friday, so that means it’s time for an album drop, and this week’s newest venture is a collaboration between Future and Juice WRLD. The two have teamed up on a joint album called WRLD on Drugs. And while it may not be the solo Future album…
  • The Romanoffs Recap: Austrian Horror Story

    2h By Sean T. Collins
    Horror is a genre in conversation with itself — more so, perhaps, than any other genre, because the topic of conversation is always ultimately the same. Horror filmmakers study the things that frightened them, then reimagine, refine, and revise them, the…
  • Colbert Thanks Pat Robertson for His Understanding

    2h By Anne Victoria Clark
    Tonight The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tackled a day of dark and twisted news with a surprising amount of grace. Especially towards Pat Robertson, who was in the news today for saying that the possible murder of Jamal Khashoggi was not as important as…
  • Tom Holland Crashed Kimmel and Got a Standing Ovation

    3h By Anne Victoria Clark
    Jimmy Kimmel’s visit to New York has been truly epic, and Thursday night he added another classic New York moment to his scrapbook when the real life Spider-Man dropped in. Well, ran in, with a traffic cone on his head, because Guillermo had gone rogue and…
  • The Big Bang Theory Recap: Marital Mathematics

    4h By Kimberly Potts
    Professor Proton returns!It’s in Sheldon’s dream, of course, since Mr. Cooper’s beloved childhood hero is dead. But Bob Newhart’s charming wisecracker is still floating around in Sheldon’s very special psyche, from whence he occasionally pops in to…
  • Britney Spears Announces Another Vegas Residency Without Speaking a Word

    4h By Anne Victoria Clark
    Fans were hyped to hear that Britney Spears would be making a special announcement on The Ellen Show’s YouTube channel Thursday evening. And she did! Well, in her way. She didn’t actually say anything. Instead Mario Lopez introduced her, there was a light…
  • Theater Review: Truthiness on Trial, in The Lifespan of a Fact

    Thu 10:00pm By Sara Holdren
    “There is such a thing as poetic, ecstatic truth. It is mysterious and elusive, and can be reached only through fabrication and imagination and stylization.” —Werner Herzog“Look, Americans are their own fact-checkers. People know, they have their own…
  • Megan Amram Wants to Win a Grammy After Her Good Place Cameo

    Thu 9:35pm By Kathryn VanArendonk
    Megan Amram is not just the writer of The Good Place’s latest episode, “Jeremy Bearimy,” nor is she simply an Emmy-nominated actor for her role in An Emmy for Megan. In “Jeremy Bearimy,” Amram also has a cameo appearance as a street busker who…
  • Is Chidi Too Swole on The Good Place?

    Thu 9:30pm By Kathryn VanArendonk
    Being a philosophy professor involves a great deal of time doing sedentary things. There’s hours and hours of reading and grading papers, not to mention countless faculty meetings and various committees. There are long, frustrating blocks of the day hunched…
  • Netflix Cancels All About the Washingtons After One Season

    Thu 9:29pm By Anne Victoria Clark
    All About the Washingtons, the multi-camera comedy starring Joseph Simmons, had been cancelled by Netflix, according to Deadline. The show was originally produced for ABC, who passed on it, and it then received a ten-episode series order from Netflix. The…
  • Hailee Steinfeld Cast As A Conniving Aspirational Pop Star in Idol

    Thu 9:20pm By Jordan Crucchiola
    Dramas interrogating the strange realities of pop stardom are so hot right now, and Hailee Steinfeld — actress and pop singer — will not be left out. Deadline reports that Steinfeld is closing a deal to lead and produce the film Idol, which was bought by…
  • The Good Place Recap: Give It Away Now

    Thu 9:00pm By Noel Murray
    If you’re the kind of person who watches The Good Place, demographically speaking you’re probably also the kind of person who keeps up with current events. If so, you’ve no doubt read the recent dire reports about the future of humanity on a rapidly…
  • Jersey Shore Family Vacation Recap: They Did Sex

    Thu 9:00pm By Molly Fitzpatrick
    Deena’s gender-reveal party has pink-and-blue everything: balloons, Mardi Gras beads, candy, and beyond. I’m surprised each guest wasn’t handed a pair of pastel horror contacts at the door in order to pledge their bone-chilling allegiance to either Team…
  • Every Celebrity That Tahani Has Name-Dropped on The Good Place

    Thu 9:00pm By Jackson McHenry,Erika W. Smith
    You don’t have to watch The Good Place for long to realize that Tahani Al-Jamil is more than “a hot, rich fraud with legs for days.” She’s also a relentless name-dropper. But when Princess Diana is your godmother and Beyoncé if your best friend, can…
  • Judi Dench Also Joins The Cast of Cats, Because Old Deuteronomy Deserves Oscar Gravitas

    Thu 8:22pm By Jordan Crucchiola
    What do Idris Elba, James Corden, and Ian McKellan all have in common? If you said “They’re British!” then you need to dream bigger. They are all now part of the cast of Tom Hooper’s forthcoming screen adaptation of Cats. Deadline reports that Dench…

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