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  • Open Post: Hosted By A Woman Reuniting With Her Long Lost Cat Gucci After 12 Years

    Fri 8:30pm By Allison
    “We’ve got Gucci” sounds like the slogan of a strip mall boutique called Factory Damaged Luxury Outlet (located off Highway 8, between Tire World and a vacant Chuck E. Cheese). But in this case, we’re talking about an elderly black and white cat named…
  • Afternoon Crumbs

    Fri 3:34pm By Michael K
    In case you haven’t met the 894,098th Karen of the week, here’s Costco Karen who would rather sit her ass on the dirty ass floor at Costco than put on a mask because it fucks with her constitutional rights. She’s right because everyone knows that when…
  • RuPaul Has Sashayed Away From Twitter And Instagram And Nobody Knows Why

    Fri 1:22pm By Emily
    I don’t know about your morning routine during pandemic end-times, but here’s mine: I get up, pee, feed the cat, make myself a cup of coffee, sit in my comfy chair, and immediately visit RuPaul’s social media accounts. So imagine my great disappointment…
  • Kate Beckinsale Once Again Defended Herself For Dating Younger Dudes

    Fri 12:48pm By Kristian
    Kate Beckinsale has been linked to several younger men recently. Guys like Pete Davidson and even Machine Gun Kelly. The weirdest thing to me about those couplings was that she’s way too hot for both of them. But others seemed to be focused on Kate doing…
  • Ghislaine Maxwell Might Be Held Without Bail, Due To Being An Extreme Flight Risk

    Fri 12:22pm By Allison
    Ghislaine Maxwell was finally apprehended by the FBI yesterday in New Hampshire where she was hiding out in a mansion. But she’ll probably (and hopefully) never go back to that luxurious New Hampshire hideout, because prosecutors have declared her a major…
  • Dan Brown, Author Of “The Da Vinci Code,” Has Been Accused Of Living A Double Life By His Ex-Wife

    Fri 12:11pm By Kristian
    Screenrant says that Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code series, was sued by his ex-wife Blythe Brown (pictured together in 2013). And Blythe is coming for him like the Catholic Church after the last descendent of Jesus Christ, honey! She’s accused Dan of…
  • Hot Slut Of The Day!

    Fri 11:58am By Michael K
    Koko, the man-saving hero cat! Japan Times says that on June 16, a woman was taking an evening walk around her neighborhood in the Japanese city of Toyama when she noticed a cat staring into the canal all intense-like. Was the cat staring at a fish? Was the…
  • Birthday Sluts

    Fri 3:01am By Michael K
    Patrick Wilson (47) PartyNextDoor (27) Elle King (31) Matty Mullins (32) Olivia Munn (40) Ludivine Sagnier (41) Julie Klausner (42) Andrea Barber (44) Ryan McPartlin (45) Julian Assange (49) Audra McDonald (50) Shawnee Smith (51) Sandra Lee (54) Pic: New Line…
  • Night Crumbs

    Thu 6:09pm By Michael K
    Congratulations to Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas for graduating from The University Of Natural Pap Stroll Posing after completing their thesis project titled: You So Funny Ben! Their professors, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, taught them well! Or maybe Ana had…
  • Hugh Downs Has Died At 99

    Thu 5:09pm By Michael K
    The producers of the Today show and 20/20 (yes, I read that in Babwawawa’s voice) better be working on an entire tribute episode to legendary news anchor Hugh Downs right now. If tomorrow’s episode of Today doesn’t open with Savannah Guthrie and Hoda…

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