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  • Blind Item #13

    Tue 2:45pm By ent lawyer
    Speaking of singers and actors, this couple was the subject of a blind about how their marriage(real or not) is in dire straits. The couple responded with an IG photo spread. Meh. Have you noticed their child has disappeared from view too? That was not quite…
  • Blind Item #12

    Tue 2:30pm By ent lawyer
    The low on the ladder foreign born actor is texting nonstop to a person he met at a wedding a few months back. The person he is texting is not his A+ list girlfriend.
  • Blind Item #11

    Tue 2:15pm By ent lawyer
    Speaking of A+ list athletes, this GOAT won't announce her retirement until some kickers on her endorsements pay off. She would not get paid several million dollars if she announced her retirement before the cut off date. Wait until the middle of October.
  • Blind Item #10

    Tue 2:00pm By ent lawyer
    There might not currently be any cheating between the supermodel and the A+ list athlete, but let us not forget the nanny of yore, who loved polishing his rings and trophy.
  • Blind Item #9

    Tue 1:45pm By ent lawyer
    This daytime talk show host is misremembering her out of studio times with her former co-host. She treated him miserably outside the office to get back at him for perceived slights in the office.
  • Blind Items Revealed #5

    Tue 1:30pm By ent lawyer
    September 20, 2022This family friendly entertainment conglomerate did everything in their power to make the charges against the boyfriend of their newest star go away. They thought they had it solved, but had the rug pulled from beneath them. So, now their…
  • Today's Blind Items - The Children

    Tue 1:10pm By ent lawyer
    This foreign born permanent A list singer is not doing well. Her health has been in decline for the past several years. As she contemplates the end of her life, she is also making arrangements for her massive fortune. The original plan was to divide it among…
  • Your Turn

    Tue 1:00pm By ent lawyer
    Favorite author.
  • Blind Items Revealed #4

    Tue 12:40pm By ent lawyer
    September 19, 2022This foreign born one named A list singer once fired a gardener because he wanted to be with his wife when she gave birth. Shakira
  • Blind Items Revealed #3

    Tue 12:20pm By ent lawyer
    September 19, 2022This might be one of my favorite stories in awhile. This former A list NBA player turned drug addict/reality star/pimp, is now hooking up with someone who has been known to entertain for money. Our former NBA player shot a sex tape with her…
  • Blind Items Revealed #2

    Tue 12:00pm By ent lawyer
    September 19, 2022One of the doctors who is being interviewed by Congress as part of his experience with psychological operations for the government, specifically, the military and CIA is mentioned in the second earliest court report, as a treating doctor of…
  • Blind Item #8

    Tue 11:45am By ent lawyer
    Speaking of religions, an offshoot of The Church was raided in the past week. They were doing a lot of business with one a polygamist organization that was recently raided too. 
  • Blind Item #7

    Tue 11:30am By ent lawyer
    Apparently the A list everything in her mind celebrity at one point tried to get the permanent A list "singer" interested in her "religion," but the singer wasn't interested. There has been bad blood since. It wasn't the celebrity cult either.
  • Blind Items Revealed #1

    Tue 11:15am By ent lawyer
    September 19, 2022Speaking of the funeral, the publisher of an upcoming book was told there will need to be some changes to the manuscript. Is it a throw all the bad stuff out, or is it a throw extra bad stuff in because of what happened at the funeral and the…
  • Blind Item #6

    Tue 11:00am By ent lawyer
    All of these women that agreed to have kids with the host/actor/producer, also signed an agreement which limits their rights to collect child support. They only get a certain amount per month and can't go to court and ask for more. 
  • Blind Item #5

    Tue 10:45am By ent lawyer
    Apparently at one point during their relationship, the foreign born former A list tweener and his then girlfriend decided they wanted to try for a baby. There were multiple miscarriages, but no baby. I'm guessing it was probably due to drug use. For whatever…
  • Blind Item #4

    Tue 10:30am By ent lawyer
    The actor/new father/possible murder suspect has been donating money like crazy to politicians in a certain state where he is facing some possible legal issues.
  • Blind Item #3

    Tue 10:00am By ent lawyer
    One of the other things this barely there celebrity has against her when trying to land the A list mostly movie actor is her past history with drugs. Whether using them or being around them, our actor is almost puritanical over the past fifteen years about…
  • Blind Item #2

    Tue 9:45am By ent lawyer
    This former A+ list television actor who thankfully is not acting much any longer, owns an online blackjack site that is known to rip people off when they are winning too much. Now, all we need is someone to play the Justin Timberlake role and take the whole…
  • Blind Item #1

    Tue 9:30am By ent lawyer
    What is especially crazy about the YouTube troupe deciding to be the morality police and suspending members because of an affair, is at least one of those voting for the suspension/firing tried to sleep with the woman who was suspended/fired and was turned…
  • Blind Item #13

    Mon 2:45pm By ent lawyer
    Speaking of mysteries, is what government agency collected/received the six vials of blood each week from the permanent A list "singer." 
  • Blind Item #12

    Mon 2:30pm By ent lawyer
    This permanent A list actress let it slip in an interview while doing press for her latest movie, that her permanent A list co-star and his wife, use the wife's career to adopt children in different countries. How come we never hear about these kids?
  • Blind Item #11

    Mon 2:15pm By ent lawyer
    This former A list singer, who is a serial abuser/sexual assaulter/woman hater, recently threatened one of his celebrity exes with death.
  • Blind Item #10

    Mon 2:00pm By ent lawyer
    Not much has been mentioned about how the powers that be in Hollywood were taken aback/surprised/not happy that the three named actor with the voice of a God, gave away all his rights to a company that does not really do things the way Hollywood likes.
  • Blind Item #9

    Mon 1:45pm By ent lawyer
    The end is near for this foreign born actress and the former boy bander. When they split, how will they disguise that they were never officially married? They will probably say they had a prenup that divided everything, and the tabloids will give up trying to…

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