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  • Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

    Mon 3:01pm By ent lawyer
    You have seven chances left to have your photo included with Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. Email your photo to If you are wearing what Lil Naz X is, then bonus!Naomi Watts out doing press in NYC.Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas don't ever…
  • Blind Item #13

    Mon 2:45pm By ent lawyer
    Doing the beard thing seems odd for this entertainer/reality star/athlete considering her whole story line was about wanting to get married and having kids, hence the big split.
  • Blind Item #12

    Mon 2:30pm By ent lawyer
    This foreign born closeted A/A- list mostly movie actor who does have a superhero character was out of the country for a big event but left his male "publicist," behind because he wants to take a break. Maybe time for another fake heterosexual relationship?
  • Blind Item #11

    Mon 2:15pm By ent lawyer
    This mogul/wannabe rapper tried to get the foreign born permanent A list singer to work with him. She wants no part of any of that. Apparently things were strange when she hid out there back in the day after that famous photo. Public places are fine, but no…
  • Blind Item #10

    Mon 2:00pm By ent lawyer
    This alliterate former actress turned escort begged for weeks to get an invite to a bachelorette party featuring the former reality star turned B+/B list actress. The escort things it would be great for her singing career.
  • Blind Item #9

    Mon 1:45pm By ent lawyer
    Don't use PED kids or you too can be a huge star sent down to the minors when they don't test you early like they did in other years.
  • Blind Items Revealed #5

    Mon 1:30pm By ent lawyer
    June 14, 2019As I said many times when the employee was fired by the permanent A lister, this kind of leaking would occur. A couple of weeks ago, I said the leaks would become more scandalous each time going forward, and sure enough, that is exactly what has…
  • Today's Blind Items - There And Gone

    Mon 1:10pm By ent lawyer
    At first, the whole thing seemed accidental. Coincidental. Yes, it was a death. A possible murder? It didn't look like it at the time. It looked like an accident. Yes, it was a victim who had a lot of information about an A list actor. Some information she had…
  • Your Turn

    Mon 1:00pm By ent lawyer
    Best "Vacation" movie.
  • Blind Items Revealed #4

    Mon 12:40pm By ent lawyer
    June 14, 2019I think this former A list "singer" turned reality judge believes the plane accident happened and that is why she got hooked on pain pills. The thing is, just because she believes it happened doesn't mean it really did, but it is a great story she…
  • Blind Items Revealed #3

    Mon 12:20pm By ent lawyer
    June 13, 2019This B+ list actress is being disingenuous about her recent activities this week. In the past she has stated she would not vaccinate her own child. She just wasn't expecting the huge blow back and didn't talk to her team ahead of time.Jessica Biel
  • Blind Items Revealed #2

    Mon 12:00pm By ent lawyer
    June 13, 2019The authors of the major hit piece on the A list director are finally dishing the dirt on the incompetence and possible corruption, which held back publication of their massive hit piece, that ended the career of the A list director.Maximillian…
  • Blind Item #8

    Mon 11:45am By ent lawyer
    This multiple hit network comedy A list actor who spanned decades in TWO roles on two different networks is married but has a 19 year old he spends $10K a week on. He has no idea she has a boyfriend and is just faking with the actor.
  • Blind Item #7

    Mon 11:30am By ent lawyer
    Several weeks ago, I told you about the role this family member was going to play when the time came near for a permanent life event. This is one of the reasons, the subject came back to where the family member lives before the permanent life event. The family…
  • Blind Items Revealed #1

    Mon 11:15am By ent lawyer
    June 12, 2019As I told you a long time ago and was finally confirmed in court, the two wealthy sisters have been footing the legal bill for the leader of the cult. Apparently they blame the former actress for his downfall and not the serial rapist/child…
  • Blind Item #6

    Mon 11:00am By ent lawyer
    The barely there/wannabe celebrity sibling of a former MTV star met her current boyfriend when he met her on a sugar daddy site. Apparently he pays her an allowance. 
  • Blind Item #5

    Mon 10:45am By ent lawyer
    This foreign born alliterate NBA player is talking to an attorney about whether he can collect child support from his ex. That would be bold.
  • Blind Item #4

    Mon 10:30am By ent lawyer
    Apparently the woman who is purportedly the girlfriend of this multiple network reality star from a reality star family is spending evenings on yachts rather than with the boyfriend.
  • Blind Item #3

    Mon 10:00am By ent lawyer
    I thought everyone knew that the foreign born permanent A list singer loved her coke. Apparently this is news. I'm not sure why. She really isn't shy about using.
  • Blind Item #2

    Mon 9:45am By ent lawyer
    What was supposed to be a prayerful weekend turned out to be the foreign born former A+ list tweener bailing early and flying home, leaving the wife to fend for herself while he partied. She did send some hierarchy to babysit him while she globetrotted. Now…
  • Blind Item #1

    Mon 9:30am By ent lawyer
    This pretty recent NFL star quarterback has a life event coming up. Perhaps he shouldn't be cheating on his significant other.
  • Blind Items Revealed #6

    Sun 2:15pm By ent lawyer
    June 12, 2019This foreign born A- list and dropping actress visited her former co-star at rehab. The co-star's wife has not.Emilia Clarke/Kit Harrington/Rose Leslie
  • Blind Items Revealed #5

    Sun 2:00pm By ent lawyer
    June 12, 2019Insanely expensive yacht, helicopter rides, but no tagging the sponsor for the foreign born B list actress and her friends.Nina Dobrev
  • Blind Item #8

    Sun 1:45pm By ent lawyer
    As I suspected she would, this A list mostly movie actress acquired another of her special visas she is able to get because of her unique position to bring in two teens from a foreign country for some of her offspring to have sex with for a few weeks before…
  • Blind Item #7

    Sun 1:30pm By ent lawyer
    A lame excuse, but something that will save her grief down the road for this celebrity offspring/wannabe model who is married and wanted to start her own cosmetics line. She wouldn't have sold enough. 

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