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  • Blind Item #14

    Thu 3:01pm By ent lawyer
    This celebrity offspring of someone he has eclipsed is probably A- list and someone all of you know. Definitely more of a dramatic actor. He has a significant other. He is back drinking again and got aggressive with a waitress at a bar before he was shown the…
  • Blind Item #13

    Thu 2:45pm By ent lawyer
    Don't believe the hype. This Southern California city sounding record executive who has been a reality judge and name dropped in a big hit song is a lot of things, including a not very nice person. However, it is not him behind the one named former one-fifth…
  • Blind Item #12 - Mr. X - Old Hollywood

    Thu 2:30pm By ent lawyer
    One of the things not mentioned in some recent stories about this permanent A list mostly movie actor who was height challenged and died a few years back is that he frequented a brothel near the MGM studios which employed chorus girls and wannabe starlets. Our…
  • Blind Item #11

    Thu 2:15pm By ent lawyer
    They tried this once before and it backfired. So, how do you make someone closeted not appear to be closeted? Spread the rumor that this A- list reality star from a reality family cheated on their "boyfriend" with another guy. Love triangle. 
  • Blind Item #10

    Thu 2:00pm By ent lawyer
    The foreign born still barely above one hit wonder level thought with her new found barely there success again that she could stiff a producer who wanted sex or tracks. He couldn't be stiffed and now she has to look around for other tracks.
  • Blind Item #9

    Thu 1:45pm By ent lawyer
    It might be his last installment, but this foreign born A+ list (only with his franchise) mostly movie actor still made sure his co-star would be willing to sleep with him before agreeing on her casting. Last time was such an issue when the co-star wouldn't…
  • Blind Items Revealed #5

    Thu 1:30pm By ent lawyer
    April 16, 2019This foreign born permanent A list singer who has multiple lucrative side businesses is spending a great deal of time smoking pot and eating junk food. She says she loves it. Her people want her to do some music and go on tour.Rihanna
  • Today's Blind Items - The Secret Child

    Thu 1:10pm By ent lawyer
    One day when he was about 30, this foreign born former B+ list mostly movie actor learned the truth. He had the double whammy of discovering who is mother was and his grandmother was all in the same day. The actor, who had a franchise that was way better than…
  • Your Turn

    Thu 1:00pm By ent lawyer
    When the 737 Super Max airline returns from grounding, will you fly in it?
  • Blind Items Revealed #4

    Thu 12:40pm By ent lawyer
    April 16, 2019This studio is set to replace an A list mostly movie actor from this franchise. This time it is because of his own doing and no big voice behind the scenes is going to be able to save him no matter how hard they crush on the actor.Johnny Depp/JK…
  • Blind Items Revealed #3

    Thu 12:20pm By ent lawyer
    April 16, 2019If the soon to be divorced/serial cheating executive producer felt he was being extorted by the man accusing him of rape and abuse, then why not go the police or sue for defamation. Crickets.Kevin Hunter
  • Blind Items Revealed #2

    Thu 12:00pm By ent lawyer
    April 16, 2019Lost in the conviction of this reality twin/escort is the fact she signed up for a bestiality site membership to meet like minded people using the dead man's credit card.Shannade Clermont
  • Blind Item #8

    Thu 11:45am By ent lawyer
    Good for this former B+ list mostly movie actress turned show killer turned can't get a job because of that show killing to turn the tables and get behind the camera. The thing is though, she is still on double secret probation so any directing would have to…
  • Blind Item #7

    Thu 11:30am By ent lawyer
    There are still a lot of questions about just how this former A+ list mostly movie actor managed to pry away the personal stripper/escort to an oligarch. There is talk she was a bonus for a business deal where our actor got a line of credit with future…
  • Blind Items Revealed #1

    Thu 11:15am By ent lawyer
    April 16, 2019The dam is starting to show cracks. One of the victims of the should be disgraced Nick producer is finally speaking out about the things the producer made them do on set and off.Alexa Nikolas/Dan Schneider
  • Blind Item #6

    Thu 11:00am By ent lawyer
    How come no one calls out the foreign born former A+ list tweener for what it really is? Meth face. 
  • Blind Item #5

    Thu 10:45am By ent lawyer
    The former entertainer/performer most of you know who still does the reality star thing might want to check up on that new significant other of hers. Much like her old one who was much higher on the list, there seems to be a lot of cheating going on.
  • Blind Item #4

    Thu 10:30am By ent lawyer
    After all this time of me writing about it and talking about it and telling everyone what she had done, it seems this B+ list rapper who is more famous for who he dated in the past than his career, finally realized his girlfriend was lying about being…
  • Blind Item #3

    Thu 10:00am By ent lawyer
    The drug use for this foreign born alliterate A/A list singer is getting out of hand It is one of the reasons his most recent relationship crashed and burned. Apparently the singer is going to try and get some help over the next few weeks.
  • Blind Item #2

    Thu 9:45am By ent lawyer
    The one named foreign singer who is A+ list when she releases new music is slow rolling her ex to make sure everyone knows who is at fault without giving the kid something salacious to read later on in life. Even for Kneepads, the information the publicist…
  • Blind Item #1

    Thu 9:30am By ent lawyer
    Maybe the reason this A list rapper has jacked up her coke use again is because she knows her significant other is cheating on her fairly regularly again which means it probably won't be long until one of the women he is cheating with gets pregnant. It isn't…
  • Blind Item #13

    Wed 2:45pm By ent lawyer
    It is looking more and more likely that the permanent A list everything in her mind won't make it to the altar. Too many women and too many nights "at work," from her significant other to handle. Something needs to give, and it isn't going to be him unless it…
  • Blind Item #12

    Wed 2:30pm By ent lawyer
    The producers of this cable show that keeps on keeping on has a former A+ list tweener singer/actress who is a regular. They have asked her to lose about twenty pounds because they don't feel her size works with the rest of the characters or her own.
  • Blind Item #11

    Wed 2:15pm By ent lawyer
    Whenever you see a pseudo celebrity who is thirsty suddenly popping up with a cookbook when they have never done anything cooking related in the past, ask yourself, is it really their cookbook if they bought all the recipes from someone who couldn't get a book…
  • Blind Item #10

    Wed 2:00pm By ent lawyer
    This B+ list actress is sticking with her celebrity husband (who never has a chance of being the highest in his family tree of multiple A++ listers ) even though he has a history of cheating. She might change her mind if she knew he was hooking up with that 20…

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