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  • Blind Item #13

    Fri 2:45pm By ent lawyer
    There is more and more buzz about this foreign born A+/A list actor and the secret child he supposedly had with a woman who is from the same country as our actor and is A+ list in one specific country that is not her own. Our actor would have been very much…
  • Blind Item #12

    Fri 2:30pm By ent lawyer
    This A list actress is most well known for her long running show and her horrible luck with guys. That luck continues because her significant other is cheating on her.
  • Blind Item #11

    Fri 2:15pm By ent lawyer
    This former A- list teen actress who has done nothing since her show went off the air is the sugarbaby to an Australian millionaire.
  • Blind Item #10

    Fri 2:00pm By ent lawyer
    This flash in the pan A list actress is on yet another leg of her woe is me tour because she said Hollywood is out to get her. No, what they didn't want was someone who was a pain to work with and wanted a fee comparable to an A+ lister when she was living off…
  • Blind Item #9

    Fri 1:45pm By ent lawyer
    This A- list celebrity/former porn star/former reality star/former stripper is hooking up with a technically still married pastor. She wants to create an empire with him.
  • Blind Items Revealed #5

    Fri 1:30pm By ent lawyer
    May 25, 2023Speaking of bad people, this permanent A list director sits at home in his final years watching all the outtakes of the actresses he forced to get naked for roles. He also has hidden videos and he invites his pervert friends to come watch…
  • Four For Friday - All Wrestling

    Fri 1:10pm By ent lawyer
     #1 - This south of the border wrestler was A+ list in his country and probably B list here. What he was A list at was sleeping with the daughters of his fellow professional wrestlers. #2 - This hall of famer had sex with a Japanese wrestler while her long…
  • Your Turn

    Fri 1:00pm By ent lawyer
     What are you ordering from an ice cream truck?
  • Blind Items Revealed #4

    Fri 12:40pm By ent lawyer
    May 25, 2023The husband of this A list singer is trying to make an undercover documentary without his wife really catching on that it is anything more than filming some happy moments and life events and reunions. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears
  • Blind Items Revealed #3

    Fri 12:20pm By ent lawyer
    May 26, 2023This bar star who might not be a bar star next season, already met someone new while out of state.Raquel Leviss/Vanderpump Rules
  • Blind Items Revealed #2

    Fri 12:00pm By ent lawyer
    May 26, 2023The man is barely in his grave, and the lead singer of this band is already to pressure the family into taking pennies on the dollar for some royalties.Andy Rourke/The Smiths/Morrissey
  • Blind Item #8

    Fri 11:45am By ent lawyer
    One scene in this pay cable show that was deleted, was the offspring snorting coke off the singer's manhood. 
  • Blind Item #7

    Fri 11:30am By ent lawyer
    The politician that was in this space not that long ago for having an affair, has a breast lift and enlargement scheduled for when Congress goes on vacation. She definitely picked one of the best in the country. I wonder where she is getting the money to pay…
  • Blind Items Revealed #1

    Fri 11:15am By ent lawyer
    May 26, 2023The three named actress was going to lose her custody case, so she settled, which means technically she did give up custody. The headlines are not wrong, just the context.Evan Rachel Wood
  • Blind Item #6

    Fri 11:00am By ent lawyer
    This foreign born former A list tennis player who will probably figure out a way to never play again, but keep all the endorsement dollars, asked all of her sponsors to pay for her baby shower and to set up a scholarship fund for her unborn child.
  • Blind Item #5

    Fri 10:45am By ent lawyer
    It was nice of this one-third to mention she was sleeping with a guy (A list singer) while he was involved in multiple different relationships, but she failed to mention the other guy who was married who she was also sleeping with at the same time.
  • Blind Item #4

    Fri 10:30am By ent lawyer
    The current leader of this construction cult is the former number two to an A++ lister. Apparently, next month at the gathering in the woods, he is going to be told what is going to happen in regards to the election next year.
  • Blind Item #3

    Fri 10:00am By ent lawyer
    This former reality star from multiple television shows and a movie franchise was spotted trying to buy a gun yesterday. That would be a really bad idea.
  • Blind Item #2

    Fri 9:45am By ent lawyer
    The sugarbaby bar star is once again cheating with someone which is pretty much par for the course with her.
  • Blind Item #1

    Fri 9:30am By ent lawyer
    The actor/director gets yelled at by his wife each day until he makes a pap walk. At this point she is almost having to pay the paps to show up because the pictures sell for so little.
  • Blind Item #13

    Thu 2:45pm By ent lawyer
    This wannabe A++ lister hasn't announced yet, but he will. It is the only time he gets away from his wife and the only time he has sex and young women fawning over him.
  • Blind Item #12

    Thu 2:30pm By ent lawyer
    This foreign born A list model is in over her head and has been smuggling diamonds between various European countries and the US.
  • Blind Item #11

    Thu 2:15pm By ent lawyer
    This A- list actress/producer was clearly upset that her A list singer/actor husband was a no show to her big event. I hope he isn't cheating again.
  • Blind Item #10

    Thu 2:00pm By ent lawyer
    Another day, another event for this B/B- list actor offspring of a permanent A+ lister. He sure does love cheating on his celebrity wife. He got rejected by multiple models before finally getting one to agree to go out with him after the party.
  • Blind Item #9

    Thu 1:45pm By ent lawyer
    Taking a page straight from the playbook of Lady GaGa, apparently this one named A list singer is also going to have a new affliction every few months.

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