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  • “Sarah Jessica Parker’s Zuhair Murad dress was pretty & princessy” links

    2 October 2015, 12:30 pm by: Kaiser

    Sarah Jessica Parker wore a princessy Zuhair Murad to the New York City Ballet’s Open Night festivities. I kind of like this? [Go Fug Yourself] Prince Harry says he’s not focused on getting married. [A Socialite Life] This photo of Michael Fassbender in…
  • Star: Who are the worst tippers & biggest penny-pinching celebrities?

    2 October 2015, 8:30 am by: Kaiser

    I don’t want to oversell this, but Star Magazine has a really funny story in this week’s issue. The story is basically “The biggest celebrity penny-pinchers,” as in, stories about the cheapest celebrities out there. I love when Star compiles/makes up…
  • Jennifer Lawrence admits peeing in the sink if the toilet is occupied

    2 October 2015, 8:00 am by: Bedhead

    There are days when it’s tough to be a Jennifer Lawrence defender, and one of those days is today. JLaw had a particularly attention-grabby week a few months ago when she was doing chopstick-walrus faces and drawing herself a moustache for the paps. That was…
  • Star: Courteney Cox is getting a ton of plastic surgery ahead of her wedding

    2 October 2015, 7:55 am by: Kaiser

    These are some photos of Courteney Cox out and about on September 17th. Yes, it could just be that the natural light was at an awkward angle, and yes, maybe CC was just feeling a little bit bloated that day. Except we know already that Courteney has been…
  • Tom Hiddleston on getting naked for ‘Crimson Peak’: ‘I was happy to do it’

    2 October 2015, 7:52 am by: Kaiser

    While I feel the brunt of the Mid-Atlantic Rainpocalypse today and throughout the weekend, many of the Dragonflies will get to enjoy Tom Hiddleston’s first-ever appearance on The Graham Norton Show. The show has been pre-taped and it will air tonight in the…
  • Star: Amber Heard was ‘livid’ at Johnny Depp but ‘all smiles’ for cameras

    2 October 2015, 7:45 am by: Bedhead

    At the Black Mass TIFF premiere, Johnny and Amber kissed for the cameras. They do this a lot, and I have always suspected that Amber overcompensates because she knows people side-eye the relationship. In addition, there are regular stories about how Amber…
  • Kate Winslet quit therapy once she realized she could ‘outsmart’ her therapist

    2 October 2015, 7:40 am by: Kaiser

    Kate Winslet covers the latest edition of net-a-porter.com’s The Edit. The shoot is much better than Winslet’s editorial with WSJ. Magazine, let’s just say that. Anyway, Winslet has barely even started promoting Steve Jobs and I’m already exhausted…
  • Emily Blunt ‘was sort of astonished by the outrage’ over her citizenship jokes

    2 October 2015, 7:26 am by: Kaiser

    Here are some photos of Emily Blunt at the San Sebastian Film Festival a few weeks ago. I just never got around to posting them, so… my bad! I’m playing catch-up on other Emily Blunt stuff too. Earlier this week, she sat down for an interview with Howard…
  • Tori Spelling admits she slept with 2 ’90210′ guys: Brian Austin Green & who?

    2 October 2015, 7:22 am by: Bedhead

    Tori Spelling will appear on an upcoming special, Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector, which will air on Saturday after The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story. Did you know this unauthorized bio was coming? Lifetime hasn’t publicized it much in…
  • Andrew Garfield on whether ‘culture’ is hostile to him: ‘Yes. I’m not accepted’

    2 October 2015, 7:17 am by: Kaiser

    I sort of don’t have words for this new Andrew Garfield interview with Vulture. He’s promoting 99 Homes, the film set in the wake of the real estate crisis circa 2009. It’s supposed to be a pretty dark, political film about socio-economic inequality and…
  • Michael Fassbender lost his V at the age of 18: ‘It was as good as it can be’

    2 October 2015, 7:15 am by: Kaiser

    Michael Fassbender sat down for a really enjoyable interview with Elle Magazine to promote Macbeth. There are so many wonderful little details in the piece, so I’d suggest that all of the Fassloonies read the complete story. He rolls his own cigarettes and…
  • Scientology: It’s ‘bigotry’ to question Cathriona White’s involvement in CoS

    2 October 2015, 7:15 am by: Kaiser

    A photo posted by Cat white (@littleirishcat) on Aug 9, 2015 at 10:02pm PDT On Monday, Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend Cathriona White committed suicide. We covered the extremely sad story on Wednesday. There’s been a lot of coverage of Carrey’s devastation,…

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