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  • “The trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘Nightcrawler’ looks really creepy” links

    24 July 2014, 12:30 pm by: Kaiser

    Jake Gyllenhaal has all of the emotions in Nightcrawler. [I'm Not Obsessed] Portia de Rossi to guest-star on Scandal. [ICYDK] Dakota Fanning wasn’t comfortable with a recent sex scene. [Starcasm] The Anti-Masturbation Cross is what we all need. [OMG Blog]…
  • ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trailer released: will this be a fun movie to hate-watch?

    24 July 2014, 8:40 am by: Kaiser

    Okay. I have a tough admission to make: I really like the first trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey. The secret is that I came to the table with A) low expectations and B) the only hope that it would be fun. And it is fun! Jamie Dornan is going to be interesting…
  • Nicki Minaj tweets about racism in the rap industry, is she shading Iggy again?

    24 July 2014, 8:05 am by: Bedhead

    Iggy Azalea may be a relatively new name on the hip hop scene, but she and Nicki Minaj have been feuding for years. I talked about their history when Nicki threw shade at Iggy onstage at the BET awards. Nicki feuds with a lot of people, it’s true. She really…
  • Leo DiCaprio showed off his sweet karate moves on a yacht in St. Tropez

    24 July 2014, 8:00 am by: Kaiser

    Just a few days ago, Leonardo DiCaprio was partying in Miami. He was rocking out with his belly out, letting the ocean mist on his glorious ponytail and beer gut. Now Leo is on a yacht in St. Tropez. These photos are from Tuesday, where Leo managed to keep his…
  • LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian told his sons all about their affair, of course

    24 July 2014, 7:45 am by: Kaiser

    You will never believe what happened. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian gave an interview to Life & Style about his kids and how they (LR & EC) told his kids about the affair that ended both LeAnn’s marriage and Eddie’s marriage. I know, shocking. So, it’s…
  • Michael Rapaport vs. Spike Lee: Boy drama about Brooklyn gentrification

    24 July 2014, 7:43 am by: Kaiser

    Earlier this year, Spike Lee was basically going on tour talking about the gentrification of Brooklyn (where he grew up) and how it’s bad that all of these wealthy and upper-middle-class people are moving into areas that were traditionally more working-class…
  • Kim Kardashian ‘has turned to food for comfort’ because her marriage sucks

    24 July 2014, 7:25 am by: Kaiser

    Kim Kardashian got the covers of two tabloids this week, Star and In Touch. I’m going to say that Star’s cover is the worst, just because ELBOW FAT. I’m all for trying to figure out what cosmetic surgery Kim has or has not had, and I’m all for…
  • Jennifer Aniston & Sandra Bullock are ‘new BFFs… they’re very excited’

    24 July 2014, 7:22 am by: Kaiser

    I tend to think Sandra Bullock is friends with everybody. You know? Sandy is Sandy. Sandy has good people around her, people she trusts, people who do their jobs well. Sandy can be a mystery wrapped in an enigma, and yet… what you see is often what you get.…
  • Angelina Jolie’s Leg of Doom forced Brad to dump his most trusted psychic

    24 July 2014, 7:18 am by: Kaiser

    I think Brad Pitt has more “people” than most of us would believe. I think he has assistants, helpers, secretaries, managers and much, much more. But does Brad also have a psychic to help him out on his really tough life decisions? Eh. Don’t get me…
  • LeAnn Rimes: Eddie’s ‘always the first person to say how much he loves me’

    24 July 2014, 7:18 am by: Kaiser

    Real question: why does Mario Lopez like LeAnn Rimes so much? Lopez is one of LeAnn’s go-to interviewers consistently, and he always soft-balls questions to her (and Eddie). While I think Mario is a shady character, it doesn’t seem like LeAnn is the kind…
  • Blake Lively does Vogue’s ’73 Questions’: surprisingly charming or just bland?

    24 July 2014, 7:16 am by: Kaiser

    Vogue has been doing this newish feature lately, where they basically give a guy a camera and tell him to ask “73 Questions” (easy-peasy questions) directly to a celebrity woman. It’s like an interesting take on the “behind the scenes” magazine…

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