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  • Angelina Jolie steps out while Jen Aniston comments on the ‘made-up triangle’

    25 January 2015, 8:40 am by: Kaiser

    Here are some photos of Angelina Jolie headed out of LAX on Friday. Those boots! That bag! I even sort of like the half-shawl/half-sweater thing. I’m not sure if it is two pieces (sweater and a shawl) or it’s all one sack-like sweater. Whatever it is, it…
  • Patrick Dempsey & wife Jillian Fink divorce after 15 years of marriage

    25 January 2015, 8:30 am by: Bedhead

    I don’t know how gossipworthy this story is, but we’ll see. Patrick Dempsey and his wife, Jillian Fink, announced their divorce on Friday afternoon. This is surprising because they’re so low key. He’s done his thing on Grey’s Anatomy for 10 years and…
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor ‘in talks’ to play a major role in Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’: yay?!

    25 January 2015, 8:20 am by: Kaiser

    When we were covering the Sony Hack drama last month, I ended up skipping over a lot of the leaked emails about the newest (and currently filming) James Bond film, Spectre. The whole thing was a giant clusterwhoops and it’s probably going to be one of the…
  • Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams are getting a divorce after 6 years of marriage

    25 January 2015, 8:10 am by: Kaiser

    I never had strong feelings one way or the other about this couple, but I guess it’s sad to see two young people throw in the towel. Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams are over. They were married in March 2009, meaning they were just about to hit their six-year…
  • “Emma Watson gave a speech about gender equality at Davos” links

    23 January 2015, 12:30 pm by: Kaiser

    Emma Watson gave a speech about gender equality at Davos. [Buzzfeed] Lindsay Lohan hasn’t completed her community service hours, shocking. [Evil Beet] You’ll never believe what’s in style for men’s fashion this year. [Dlisted] Review for The Boy Next…
  • Tom Brady denies everything about DeflateGate: do you believe him?

    23 January 2015, 7:45 am by: Kaiser

    View image | gettyimages.com I’ll admit it, I was following #DeflateGate since Monday. All of my favorite MSNBC people were covering it like it was the most major sports story ever. The basics: when the Patriots played the Colts last Sunday, the Colts…
  • Star: Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Aniston ‘hate each other and always will’

    23 January 2015, 7:35 am by: Kaiser

    Last week’s Critics Choice Awards was the first time Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie had been at the same event at the same time since 2009. So you didn’t really think the tabloids were going to let it go, did you? NO. Especially since the tabloids…
  • Star: Giuliana Rancic is dangerously thin, people are concerned

    23 January 2015, 7:33 am by: Celebitchy

    View image | gettyimages.com Apart from the photos of Giuliana Rancic at the Golden Globes two weeks ago (above), all of these photos are from 2009 to 2011. Giuliana was thin back then, but she wasn’t as tiny as she is now. Of course in 2011 Giuliana found…
  • Sam Taylor Johnson on her 23-year age gap with her husband: ‘F–k off’

    23 January 2015, 7:25 am by: Kaiser

    I’m genuinely surprised that Sam Taylor Johnson (formerly Sam Taylor Wood) is putting herself front-and-center for the Fifty Shades of Grey promotion. It’s a new media paradigm for female directors, especially if those directors are somewhat celebrities in…
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: ‘It’s great being a sex bomb. It makes me giggle’

    23 January 2015, 7:22 am by: Kaiser

    Benedict Cumberbatch has a new interview with CBS. It aired on yesterday’s morning show, but judging from his outfit, I’m pretty sure this thing was conducted more than a month ago. But there are some new quotes, so let’s just go ahead and get to it.…
  • L&S: Kylie Jenner quit homeschool to focus on her ‘brand’

    23 January 2015, 7:21 am by: Bedhead

    Over two years ago, Kendall and Kylie Jenner dropped out of high school. The official story is that the girls transitioned into homeschool. This change allowed them to focus on their “careers”. Later interviews suggested that Kylie and Kendall were…
  • Prince Harry reportedly dating German model Anastasia Guseva: is it for real?

    23 January 2015, 7:20 am by: Kaiser

    The tabloids are buzzing this week about Prince Harry possibly finding a new girlfriend. Let’s be honest about something though: since Cressida Bonas, I’m sure Harry has had a lot of “girlfriends” for a night or two. We don’t have to learn the names…

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