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  • Demi Lovato Went On A Bit Of A Twitter Rant Last Night

    30m By Allison
    Yesterday, Demi Lovato dragged Nicki Minaj for being maybe-shady and not tagging her in an Instagram picture. Demi only came for Nicki on Snapchat and Instagram, and I felt a little cheated, because everyone knows you haven’t truly started shit with someone…
  • The CAPTION THIS Contest WINNERS For May 4th!

    1h By Michael K
    Rachel Dolezal takes it too far this time. – boredasfuckyo Upvote winner: Giraffe-ic Park – tim Pic: Break
  • Hot Slut Of The Day!

    2h By Michael K
    Limon 7! When I was a kid, nearly every single summer, my entire family, which is aaaaalmost bigger than the Duggar army, would go to the beach in Mexico for a couple of weeks. During that vacation, I’d open my eating hole whole wide with one of those mouth…
  • Birthday Sluts

    8:00am By Michael K
    Adele (28) Hannah Davis (26) Chris Brown (27) Skye Sweetnam (28) Brooke Hogan (28) Clark Duke (31) Henry Cavill (33) Vanessa Bryant (34) Danielle Fishel (35) Craig David (35) Hank Green (36) Vincent Kartheiser (37) Tina Yothers (43) Kyan Douglas (46) Kurt…
  • Night Crumbs

    Wed 9:15pm By Michael K
    Miley Cyrus spent time with Liam Hemsworth instead of going to the Met Gala. So Miley chose hanging with Liam over getting attention by wearing something like ass-less tin man shorts and silver pasties at the Met Gala? It must be true love! – Lainey…
  • Lee Daniels Is Really Sorry For Calling Sean Penn A Lady Beater

    Wed 7:29pm By Michael K
    Lee Daniels, the co-creator of Empire, vowed to fight the defamation lawsuit that Sean Penn threw at him, but I guess he figured it’s cheaper just to settle up and spit out a fake apology than continue to pay endless lawyer bills. Because Lee Daniels has…
  • Justin Bieber Is Being Sued $100,000 For Throwing A Beer-Based Tantrum That Damaged A Cellphone

    Wed 5:55pm By Allison
    No, you’re not looking at a picture of your 12-year-old cousin Jayden after he stole a beer bottle out of the recycling bin and snuck up to his room with his mom’s old iPhone to take bad boy selfies. It’s Justin Bieber, and if you can imagine, this story…
  • Open Post: Hosted By Adam Levine Bumping Bumps With His Pregnant Wife

    Wed 5:43pm By Michael K
    In case you forgot that in a few months a human child will have to suffer through the pain of looking at the Tragic Tattoo Hall of Shame on Adam Levine’s body, he reminded everyone that he’s going to be somebody’s daddy by posting this picture on…
  • Even Melissa McCarthy Didn’t Really Like The “Ghostbusters” Trailer

    Wed 4:54pm By Allison
    When the trailer for the all-lady Ghostbusters reboot was released two months ago, it made people feel a lot of feelings. For example, joy (seeing Kate McKinnon dressed up like Tank Girl), melancholy (remembering that we’re still waiting on the re-release of…
  • Another Human May Soon Get To Call La Toya Jackson “Auntie”

    Wed 4:36pm By Michael K
    About one month ago, Janet Jackson pissed off some of her fans when she postponed her “Unbreakable” world tour under doctor’s orders. Janet Jackson will postpone a tour over a damn hangnail, but her excuse was that she and her billionaire piece husband,…