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  • The CAPTION THIS Contest For April 24th!

    24 April 2014, 11:31 am by: Michael K

    via @janicebmin via LAist
  • Open Post: Hosted By James Franco’s Paintings Of A Naked Ass Seth Rogen

    24 April 2014, 11:19 am by: Michael K

    Actor, artiste, Instagram troll, poet, 24-hour douche and savior to the gay community James Franco started some shit with his fake gay boyfriend Seth Rogen called the Gay Sex Art Project and this morning on Instragram he threw up two works of art he painted…
  • The Advice In Alicia Silverstone’s Parenting Book Is Exactly As Bonkers As You’d Think

    24 April 2014, 9:59 am by: Allison

    Even if you forced yourself to write down the craziest, most insane advice you could think of after chugging a dozen bottles of Pediasure in a windowless room while listening to Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty” on repeat for 8 straight hours, you still…
  • Layla Grant From “Nashville” Is Jem

    24 April 2014, 9:49 am by: Michael K

    If I lay a fart and someone asks me, “Did you fart?”, I’ll gladly admit it. But if someone asks me if I watch Nashville, I will pause for a minute while I’m deciding if I want to tell the truth and bring shame upon myself (and that’s saying a lot)…
  • Terry Richardson Didn’t Tell A Model He’d Shoot Her For Vogue If She Boned His Gross Ass

    24 April 2014, 8:37 am by: Michael K

    In a shocking turn of events, the human definition of “trench coat flasher” Terry Richardson didn’t send a British model a Facebook message where he told her he’d shoot her for Vogue if she let him shoot his cottage cheese cum in her eye. Over the…
  • BREAKING NEWS: Kaley Cuoco Cut Her Hair

    24 April 2014, 8:17 am by: Allison

    Attention screenwriters: this is your next Captain Phillips. Get writing. It looks like the attention she got from her fake haircut scored high enough on the Publicity-O-Meter, because Kaley Glencoco (who you may know as Penny from The Big Bang Theory, or…
  • Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty” Video Isn’t Racist Because She Has Like Japanese Fans Or…

    24 April 2014, 7:17 am by: Michael K

    If you went to the mall yesterday and did everything you could to avoid the Sanrio store, because you knew that even a hint of Hello Kitty would make your eardrums jump out of your ear holes and cause you to have a panic attack that no amount of Xanax could…
  • Beyoncé Made The Cover Of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People Issue

    24 April 2014, 6:23 am by: Allison

    “Hello, is this the complains department for TIME magazine? My name is Beyoncé and I’m calling to let you know about several mistakes I found on the cover of your latest issue. First of all, it says “The 100 Most Influential People” but I believe it…
  • George Clooney And Steve Wynn Got Into A Drunken Fight Of Words Over President Obama

    24 April 2014, 5:41 am by: Michael K

    Remember when you were in the 8th grade and you were sitting with your friend Cecelia when your other Ruby walked by and you went, “Hey, Ruby.” Then Cecelia rolled her eyes, smacked her lips and said, “I hate that bitch,” and you went, “Cecelia, Ruby…
  • Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Are Somebody’s Parents

    24 April 2014, 3:52 am by: Allison

    I can hear the Xander Jones truthers now: “YOU MEAN ”A PARENT FOR THE SECOND TIME’, RIGHT? HE’S ALREADY SOMEBODY’S PARENT! YOU CAN’T DENY THE EVIDENCE!” The Year of the Diaper Genie has once again bestowed upon us another poopy blessing, this…

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