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  • In “What Does Mayim Bialik Hate Now” News: Mayim Bialik Also Hates Frozen

    18 September 2014, 6:19 am by: Allison

    Mayim Bialik, the grown-up hat-less version of Blossom, took a break from hissing at toddler-faced jailbait-looking baby stripper Ariana Grande Latte to put some damn clothes on to take a swipe at Disney’s Frozen. But what would Blossom possibly hate about…
  • ¡¡Escándalo!! Miley Cyrus Could Go To Jail For Disrespecting The Mexican Flag

    18 September 2014, 5:53 am by: Michael K

    Mexico might (read: probably not) do what other countries should’ve done a long time ago: Throw Miley Cyrus in jail! During a show in Monterrey, Mexico on Tuesday night (which was Mexican Independence Day), Miley put on a ridiculous fake ass (in her defense,…
  • Ben Affleck Admits To Details That Yeah, He Counts Cards, So What?

    18 September 2014, 4:36 am by: Allison

    “The Rainmaker” – I bet that’s his nickname at strip clubs. Ben Affleck, seen here looking sort of like an off-brand hybrid of Ryan Reynolds and George Clooney, spoke to Details magazine with director David Fincher about their upcoming film Gone Girl,…
  • The CAPTION THIS Contest WINNERS For September 17th!

    18 September 2014, 4:14 am by: Michael K

    Even the Red Light District has an Adopt-a-Highway program. – FluffKitteh Upvote winner: In Soviet Russia, trash sweeps you. – FluffKitteh via Evil Milk
  • Hot Slut Of The Day!

    18 September 2014, 4:06 am by: Michael K

    Brian, a 4-year-old Samoyed from England who loves eating thongs so much that he ate a thong, got surgery to get it removed and ate another one. And now you’ll have the Thong Song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. “Let me eat that…
  • Birthday Sluts

    18 September 2014, 1:00 am by: Michael K

    Fred Willard (75) Patrick Schwarzenegger (21) Keeley Hazell (28) Danielle Jonas (28) Alison Lohman (35) Sara Haines (37) Jason Sudeikis (39) Xzibit (40) Towanda Braxton (41) James Marsden (41) Ami Onuki (41) Lance Armstrong (43) Jada Pinkett Smith (43) Aisha…
  • Night Crumbs

    17 September 2014, 1:31 pm by: Michael K

    Ellen Page is in W Magazine and her facial expression tells me that either she’s confused as we are about the Eyes Wide Shut shit they made her wear or she’s gotta piss – Lainey Gossip  Backdoor Farrah abandoned the idea of homeschooling her daughter…
  • Open Post: Hosted By The Trash Vigilante Of Russia

    17 September 2014, 11:29 am by: Michael K

    Dlisted was hit with some tech issues for most of the day and just when I was about to pluck out my last crotch hair, someone sent me this video of a vigilante on a bike who searches the streets of Russia for trash throwing pieces of trash and gives them a…
  • RIP The Meaning Of Everlasting Love: Canada’s Royal Couple Is Headed For Divorce

    17 September 2014, 10:34 am by: Michael K

    Pretty much every time two twats break up, I declare the death of love and say that Valentine’s Day should be canceled forever and we should all spend February 14th mourning the loss of true love by bawling into a giant plastic clear tub of Neapolitan ice…
  • Martin Lawrence Does Date Night At Home

    17 September 2014, 9:36 am by: Allison

    As always, cut to the real Martin Lawrence wondering: ‘Damn Gina, when the hell did I decide to stop doing date night at The Cheesecake Factory?‘ According to People, Chris Pratt’s sister from another mister (whatever the fuck that means) Jennifer…

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