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  • Blind Items Revealed

    30 October 2014, 12:20 pm by: ent lawyer

    June 5, 2014This former Gossip Girl actress is balding and has started wearing hats and hoodies as much as possible to try and hide the missing sections of hair.Leighton Meester
  • Blind Items Revealed

    30 October 2014, 12:00 pm by: ent lawyer

    June 2, 2014The husband of this A list mostly movie actress had to have the lower portion of his ear lobe reattached last week after his wife yanked on the earring in his ear during a fight. One of these two is going to end up seriously hurt or dead if they…
  • Blind Item #8

    30 October 2014, 11:45 am by: ent lawyer

    This B list celebrity who was a reality star/host/game show host and so much more was going to get naked in a new Vegas show that was going to make her a few million bucks for a year. Her husband paid her the same amount to not get naked and to not be in the…
  • Blind Item #7

    30 October 2014, 11:30 am by: ent lawyer

    This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and holds another place in Academy history is having big problems with her husband. Apparently they have decided they don't like each other. Also, he thought she wanted kids and she…
  • Teresa Giudice Spends $10K On Daughter's Music Video

    30 October 2014, 11:15 am by: ent lawyer

    With millions in debt to repay and almost $500K in restitution owed, you would think Joe and Teresa Giudice would cut back the spending. Nope. Instead, the couple dropped $10K to pay for a share of the daughter's music video which cost approximately $30K to…
  • Blind Item #6

    30 October 2014, 11:00 am by: ent lawyer

    This former A list celebrity/actress turned B list take what she can get actress with A list name recognition told people the other night that she and her husband are taking a break. She has always been willing to put up with his cheating, but he doesn't get…
  • Blind Item #5

    30 October 2014, 10:45 am by: ent lawyer

    When this recent Academy Award winner struck out with a Victoria's Secret model he turned his attention to her publicist who was standing right next to her and when he struck out with her he started making moves on a waitress and got her phone number while the…
  • Blind Item #4

    30 October 2014, 10:30 am by: ent lawyer

    This former Bachelorette was dumped by her boyfriend when she wouldn't stop doing everything she could to stay famous. He says there is no show she would not be willing to do to get back to the level of fame she once had. 
  • Ricki Lake Files For Divorce

    30 October 2014, 10:15 am by: ent lawyer

    A week after she kicked her husband Christian Evans out of the house and into his car, Ricki Lake has filed for divorce citing the usual irreconcilable differences. In her divorce documents Ricki did checks that she is willing to pay spousal support and that…
  • Blind Item #3

    30 October 2014, 10:00 am by: ent lawyer

    This married former B list mostly movie actress turned B list television actress on a middling hit network show has been hiding her drug problem from her actor husband because it would crush him to know she is using. Hey, at least she isn't using in front of…
  • Blind Item #2

    30 October 2014, 9:45 am by: ent lawyer

    The reason this married B+ list rapper and part-time reality star/actor is so close to this maybe one record wonder female singer and acts as her spokesperson sometimes is they have had a long sexual history together and even though she has a celebrity…
  • Blind Item #1

    30 October 2014, 9:30 am by: ent lawyer

    This foreign born married former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A lister who is still a good looking huge diva was away from his wife a couple of weeks ago and hooked up with this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who everyone loves while they were…
  • Suge Knight Faces Life In Prison For Stealing Pap's Camera

    30 October 2014, 9:15 am by: ent lawyer

    Back in early September Suge Knight and Katt Williams were hanging out together discussing the fine art of posing for the perfect mugshot. Their reverie was interrupted by a female pap photographer. When she began taking photos, the two got nasty with her and…
  • Lindsay Lohan Misses Her Show Because She Was "Too Ill"

    30 October 2014, 9:00 am by: ent lawyer

    Having a Wednesday matinee performance for Lindsay Lohan to appear in was always going to be a roll of the dice. This supposition requires that she actually wakes up before noon which is generally just a few hours after she finally has a pile of cigarette…
  • Random Photos Part Six

    29 October 2014, 3:51 pm by: ent lawyer

    First it was showing the world she can fit into her toddler's pajamas and now Bethenny Frankel wants you to know she is scary skinny. Bruce Jenner celebrates his 65th birthday by getting his nails done and having a smoke.Britney Spears and her mom out…
  • Random Photos Part Five- Elton John AIDS Foundation Party

    29 October 2014, 3:41 pm by: ent lawyer

    Brooke Shields and her cleavage say hello to Hilaria and Alec Baldwin beforeAlec carries NPH across the threshold.Padma LakshmiJewel (How come no one mentions her transformation)Kelly BensimonJudith LightMike Myers and his wife.Anderson Cooper and Matt…
  • Random Photos Part Four

    29 October 2014, 3:31 pm by: ent lawyer

    Demi Lovato shows off her new hairstyle. Emma Stone continues to try and hide from cameras while out with Andrew Garfield.Long time no see in the photos for Elijah Wood.Gerard Butler has been with this woman for three months now. That might be a record.Adam…
  • Random Photos Part Three

    29 October 2014, 3:21 pm by: ent lawyer

    Anne Hathaway and Kylie Minogue attended the Valentino book launch.The Hadid sisters hugged it out last night before hitting the bar.Heidi Klum after getting her hair styled yesterday.Jennifer Aniston through the glass of a car window.Jodie Foster reads the…
  • Random Photos Part Two - Courage In Journalism Awards

    29 October 2014, 3:11 pm by: ent lawyer

    Some of these presenters and attendees go with the theme, but some are obviously leftovers they could get on a busy night of events and a Lakers season opener. Kate HudsonRashida JonesOlivia WildeKatherine SchwarzeneggerLisa LingPaula AbdulHannah…
  • Random Photos Part One

    29 October 2014, 3:01 pm by: ent lawyer

    Six parts today. Lynda Carter just gets better with age.Sadie Frost gives fellow cheating victim Liberty Ross a big hug at an event last night.At the same event was Cat Deeley.Oh yeah, Matt Goss was there too. Long time no see.Michelle Williams on a school…
  • Blind Item #10

    29 October 2014, 2:45 pm by: ent lawyer

    Her sobriety didn't last long. This former A list celebrity/reality star/singer turned C+ list celebrity recently got married and was sober at the time of her wedding but is back to her pill popping ways and her dealer says it is worse than it ever was before…
  • Blind Item #9

    29 October 2014, 2:30 pm by: ent lawyer

    This married A list mostly movie actor (as long as he stays in his genre/niche) left the wife home while he hooked up with this this porn star turned actress.
  • Daniel Radcliffe Raps

    29 October 2014, 2:15 pm by: ent lawyer

  • Elizabeth Norment Has Died

    29 October 2014, 2:00 pm by: ent lawyer

    Elizabeth Norment, who played Frank Underwood’s ever-faithful secretary in House of Cards, has died. She was 61. 
  • Off Topic

    29 October 2014, 1:45 pm by: ent lawyer

    Orange beer for Halloween is more appealing than green beer for St. Patrick's Day.

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