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  • Random Photos Part Two

    Thu 3:11pm By Enty
    Dakota Fanning out and about in NYC. Diane Kruger on vacation. India maybe? Elizabeth Banks in a rare pap shot of her. Fergie performing in Philadelphia. The Goopster trying to go unnoticed. Anne Hathaway and... Read More
  • Random Photos Part One

    Thu 3:01pm By Enty
    Two parts today. Amy Adams loves on her husband inside a pub in London and then tells him about the first time she saw Ben Affleck’s botox. Tom Hiddleston exercises solo even though Taylor Swift... Read More
  • Mr. X Blind Item #2

    Thu 2:45pm By Enty
    It will be interesting to see who the baby resembles once it grows up, it probably won’t be the male half of this network reality star duo. She’s getting paid to be his beard because... Read More
  • Mr. X Blind Item #1

    Thu 2:30pm By Enty
    So that long-in-gestation biopic that is starring and financed by that closeted former A-list actor and his B/C-list actress wife-beard is finally in production, but without a distributor. Why? Very simple, they have no cash.... Read More
  • Jeopardy Devastation

    Thu 2:15pm By Enty
  • Blind Item #10

    Thu 2:00pm By Enty
    If you are a young guy looking to break into the record business and you get introduced to this A list mogul/wannabe rapper, do NOT go out for drinks with him unless you are prepared... Read More
  • Blind Item #9

    Thu 1:45pm By Enty
    To keep her from writing a tell all about the guy (former tweener actor turned A-/B+ list recovering addict adult actor) she used to call her boyfriend, this barely relevant celebrity has been hired by... Read More
  • Blind Items Revealed #5

    Thu 1:30pm By Enty
    April 11, 2016 Apparently this former A- list mostly television actress who lives off that 80’s fame has told her husband it is ok for him to step out on their marriage. She just wants... Read More
  • Today’s Blind Items – More 90’s

    Thu 1:10pm By Enty
    #1 – This former teen actress from an acting family was on a huge 80’s hit. About a year after the show ended when she was using pretty heavily she got into a fight with... Read More
  • Your Turn

    Thu 1:00pm By Enty
    With the political conventions ending after two straight weeks, I will ask my kind of monthly question, who are you/would you vote for in the US presidential election?