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  • Blind Item #12

    2:15pm By ent lawyer
    I feel sorry for this B- list celebrity offspring who is probably getting a generous rating from me today because of what she went through this week while out of the country. She was out partying with friends. Lots of pills and coke and booze and she was a…
  • Blind Item #11

    2:00pm By ent lawyer
    This married wannabe reality star who walks the streets each day looking for paps with her fellow D list friends, including one of the original D listers with red hair has a sex tape. That is not shocking. She actually has dozens. Apparently in one of them a…
  • Blind Items Revealed #2

    1:45pm By ent lawyer
    February 18, 2018This Game Of Thrones actress was wasted out of her mind before, during, and after a very big event last night.Emilia Clarke
  • Blind Items Revealed #1

    1:30pm By ent lawyer
    June 24, 2017This former A list mostly television actress from an iconic show who is barely holding on to A list in the movies broke off a trip early because her husband was caught cheating again.Jennifer Aniston
  • Blind Item #10

    1:15pm By ent lawyer
    This permanent A list dual threat actor who has starred in some of the biggest television shows of all time and has starred in some very memorable movies too is near death. He has two caregivers with him all the time and only ventures out in public to visit…
  • Blind Item #9

    1:00pm By ent lawyer
    Selling her virginity in a PPV porn special, possibly live is what this MTV mom wants for her daughter when she turns 18. Mom is planning on retiring from the proceeds. She has already been talking to people about it and is 100% determined to make it happen.
  • Blind Item #8

    12:45pm By ent lawyer
    Speaking of offspring, this B+ list reality star offspring was so messy this weekend. She needs to learn to not use coke when people are recording her with cell phones. Same goes for the being topless and making out with two guys while phones were recording.…
  • Blind Item #7

    12:30pm By ent lawyer
    This former A+ list mostly movie actress who was really a very weak A+ lister is now A- or maybe even B+ list. She is an offspring and got a pretty good offer for a movie pulled because of some political comments she made which the producers think will be box…
  • Blind Item #6

    12:15pm By ent lawyer
    That fake boyfriend of hers was nowhere in sight for our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress who spent this weekend yachting with a very wealthy South American here in the US.
  • Blind Item #5

    12:00pm By ent lawyer
    If you see this B- list mostly television actress on your favorite show for a few episodes a season, there are two reasons why. She provides the best drugs and the producer of the show heard about her special talents as a dominatrix. She exchanges those…
  • Blind Item #4

    11:45am By ent lawyer
    This foreign born A list singer is showing his true colors. He always refers to an ex using the N word. He also prefers to hang out with other racists so he doesn't have to watch what he says.
  • Blind Item #3

    11:30am By ent lawyer
    It is officially being called one thing, but this foreign born B- list mostly television actress who you all know from a movie appearance died of an accidental drug overdose. 
  • Blind Item #2

    11:15am By ent lawyer
    This former A list internet star turned porn star turned reality star or was that the other way around. Anyway, she still has a name so I guess is a B list celebrity. She is still living in her own world which you never ever want to visit. She talks a lot of…
  • Blind Item #1

    11:00am By ent lawyer
    This weekend, this permanent A list singer who is really probably permanent A+ list and a permanent A list diva was asked whether she believes the abuse victims of this A+ list athlete/a-hole. The singer said, "The women were just trying to take advantage of…
  • Blind Item #7

    Sat 1:30pm By ent lawyer
    You have never seen anyone spend so much time at a place spending money as this A- list mostly movie actress. Three weeks ago while at the spa with her girlfriend she met a woman who works at the spa. They clicked and now the actress goes almost every day to…
  • Blind Item #6

    Sat 1:15pm By ent lawyer
    After being a part of the destruction of two marriages and at least one person losing their job, this foreign born A list celebrity/singer/host who all of you know has a lot of enemies. 
  • Blind Item #5

    Sat 1:00pm By ent lawyer
    The soon to be husband of this A- list celebrity who makes her money by boasting connections to A++ list celebrities is stealing money from his clients to not only finance the goals of his soon to be wife but also to make it appear he is as rich as she thinks…
  • Blind Item #4

    Sat 12:45pm By ent lawyer
    This A- list mostly television actress who stars in a long running pay cable show which seems to require everyone get naked doesn't want a baby yet but has been telling her husband a whole different story.
  • Blind Item #3

    Sat 12:30pm By ent lawyer
    With no job, no desire to get a job and time running out on those monthly checks, this former D list celebrity turned B list reality star turned D list celebrity is making a cash grab against his ex.
  • Blind Item #2

    Sat 12:15pm By ent lawyer
    This openly gay singer turned actor turned singer is cheating on his significant other. The significant other knows but was told he could leave any time he wanted but this is how it was going to be.
  • Blind Item #1

    Sat 12:00pm By ent lawyer
    This height challenged A list comic/actor is scrambling to make sure all of his ghostwriters have NDA's signed. Much like that A+ list singer, he likes everyone to think he does everything himself.
  • Blind Items Revealed #4

    Sat 11:45am By ent lawyer
    June 14, 2017Our favorite A- list singer drug addict broke down and wants to know why people keep wanting to talk to her. Umm, maybe because you signed up to do a bazillion interviews to sell a new record.Selena Gomez
  • Blind Items Revealed #3

    Sat 11:30am By ent lawyer
    June 6, 2017CFDA AwardsThe always pale married B+ list mostly movie actress got a breast enlargement. Nothing wrong with that, but she is so thin and so tiny that they don't look anything close to real. I think she thought that too so she also got some cheek…
  • Blind Items Revealed #2

    Sat 11:15am By ent lawyer
    June 3, 2017One half of that famous male duo what was on this very hit very long running network show which they have both since left is headed towards singledom again. His wife was talking last night about how they have been spending time apart because it is…
  • Blind Items Revealed #1

    Sat 11:00am By ent lawyer
    February 17, 2018This former stripper turned reality star turned celebrity turned give me some money and I can do what you want me to do is really spinning a success story. Yes, she is getting some money from a company but the only way she gets the maximum…