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  • Blind Item #2

    24m By Enty
    Apparently the only way this permanent A+ list singer can even stomach kissing her boyfriend is when she gets drunk. Thankfully, that is a daily condition. The secret for the boyfriend is to get the... Read More
  • Blind Item #1

    39m By Enty
    One reason this former tweener turned A-/B+ list singer has been missing from the personal circle of this A+ list singer is because our A-/B+ lister is doing drugs again. She had been doing well... Read More
  • Man Stabs 19 Disabled People To Death While They Slept

    54m By Enty
    A knife-wielding man broke into a facility for the disabled in a small town near Tokyo early on Tuesday and killed 19 patients as they slept, authorities said, Japan’s worst mass killing in decades. At... Read More
  • Lindsay Lohan Would Like Some Privacy

    1h By Enty
    Umm, Lindsay Lohan went o social media to ask for some privacy and wants all of us to stop speculating on her private life. First of all, without her going on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter... Read More
  • Random Photos Part Three

    Mon 3:21pm By Enty
    Camila Alves lost her shoe while trying to pose for the paps. Not losing his shoe is David Beckham as he lands at LAX. Denise Richards took Lola shopping over the weekend. Chris Hemsworth and... Read More
  • Random Photos Part Two

    Mon 3:11pm By Enty
    Jennifer Lopez celebrates turning 47 in Vegas on Saturday. Jaden Smith and his girlfriend in NYC. Kesha brought out her 80’s gear for a show in Vegas. Kate Hudson has gone from Ibiza to France... Read More
  • Random Photos Part One

    Mon 3:01pm By Enty
    Three parts today. Margot Robbie down in Miami doing some press for Suicide Squad. You know, because no one knows it is coming out. While her sister Sofia meets men in France, Nicole Richie promotes... Read More
  • Blind Item #12

    Mon 2:45pm By Enty
    This fairy tale television actress hooked up with a guy at Comic Con who is definitely not her significant other.
  • Blind Item #11

    Mon 2:30pm By Enty
    Six weeks ago, this stripper turned part-time reality star turned escort turned wannabe reality star turned future reality star told her reality star boyfriend she was finished sleeping with guys for money for now. Apparently... Read More
  • Legends Of The Hidden Temple

    Mon 2:15pm By Enty
    Still wish it was the game show rather than a movie.