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  • Your Complete Guide to Black Friday Shopping

    4h By Indya Brown
    Black Friday can be a glorious day or a source of anxiety, depending on your mindset. For the proactive shopper hoping to find the best deals, we've rounded up the best Black Friday sales in the city along with early-bird specials and super-saver prices on…
  • Burberry Has a New, Very Street-Style-Friendly Limited-Edition Poncho

    2:12pm By Diana Tsui
    Last year it seemed like you couldn't even think about being a street-style star without showing up in a Burberry poncho customized with your own initials. Golden Peacocks aside, the runway style was a big hit among regular folks as well. As a follow-up to…
  • New York Magazine’s ‘Sex Lives’ Podcast: 13 Breakup Stories Way Worse Than Yours

    2:05pm By The Cut
    Think about your last breakup. How much did that suck?  No matter how bad it was (or how many times you texted), your behavior was nowhere near as bad as any of the people in Jennifer Wright's new book, It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in…
  • Vogue Really Wants to Ruin Thanksgiving Dinner

    1:51pm By Susan Rinkunas
    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the most glorious eating day of the year. Sure, you'll probably have terrible heartburn after savoring all of those fantastic side dishes and pies, but that fact hasn't stopped you before, and nor should it. Yet there are plenty of…
  • Naturally Beautiful Woman Gives Rude Instagram Advice

    12:51pm By Dayna Evans
    Emma Roberts — a woman with a beautiful face descended from other women with beautiful faces — is good on Scream Queens and good on Instagram. How does the genetically advantaged actress win over her 4.6 million followers with posts of cool books and…
  • Use This Lipstick to Avoid Awkward Family Questions

    12:32pm By Kathleen Hou
    If you must go to Squadsgiving, then go to the one organized by Tom Ford, who has created an exclusive lipstick collection dedicated to his favorite man squad. A relaunch of last year's Lips & Boys with an additional 25 shades, the collection features…
  • Kylie Jenner Can’t Stop Using Your Boyfriend’s Cleanser

    12:06pm By Ashley Weatherford
    Acne is the great equalizer in skincare. It doesn't care if you're a celebrity who practically bleeds cash — if it so pleases, it'll take over your face. Maybe that's why resident baby Kardashian-Jenner Kylie turns to Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser, a…
  • 48 Adorable Gifts for Kids

    11:00am By The Cut
    For the little ones on your list, we present a supremely cute collection of toys they'll want to play with and clothes you'll want to dress them up in. We've got both old-school (a balloon-powered wooden boat; Raggedy Ann, in celebration of her 100th birthday)…
  • New Scandal-Free American Apparel Has Yet Another Scandal on Its Hands

    10:25am By Véronique Hyland
    Being a retail sales associate on Black Friday has enough headaches without adding an embarrassing T-shirt into the the mix. However, according to the Mary Sue, American Apparel asked its employees to wear "Ask Me to Take It All Off" shirts for the holiday.…
  • A Sneak Peek at One of Black Friday’s Best Sales

    10:00am By Lindsay Peoples
    Avenue 32's holiday sales are always great: Think 30 percent off Alexander Wang coats straight off the runway or chic white Proenza boots. The sale, which includes selected pre-fall and main-brand items, officially starts on Thanksgiving and ends on Monday,…
  • Hot Gorilla Will Star in First Film

    9:57am By Dayna Evans
    It seems like it was many moons ago when we were last thinking of throwing it all away in order to get a chance with a sexy gorilla, and if we're being frank, for a long time we wished we could forget this embarrassing error in judgment. But once a ... More »
  • Rihanna Mopped the Sidewalks Again

    9:39am By Stephanie Eckardt
    Back in the spring, Rihanna benevolently cleaned up the streets of Paris with a pair of fuzzy mules. She returned to her Swiffer-chic ways last night in New York, looking characteristically cozy in a pair of winter-friendly furry heels. ... More »
  • Tracy Anderson on Your Wimpy Fitness Excuses

    9:00am By Ashley Weatherford
    In person, famous Hollywood trainer Tracy Anderson is exactly as tiny, tough, and outspoken as you might expect. She thinks juice cleanses are nonsense, hates the taste of water, and wants everyone to pull up their diapers and start exercising. But that…
  • Ask Polly: I’m Sick of Being Unhappy and Alone!

    8:30am By Heather Havrilesky
    Dear Polly, Things suck for me right now. They have sucked for me for such a long time. I am so sick and tired of trying to look on the bright side. I am so sick and tired of waiting for things to get better. I am so sick and ... More »
  • 33 Gift Ideas for Hobbyists and Pet Owners

    8:00am By The Cut
    Whether you have a crafty cousin or know a cat who does yoga, you're in luck. We've gathered gift ideas for people who are passionate about knitting, camping, gardening, exercising — or, simply, their pets. Pamper a pooch with a designer dog bed or…
  • Celeb Fitness Studio Sued For Vibrating An Entire New York Building With Intense Workouts

    5:01am By Alex Ronan
    The Tracy Anderson Method has many famous fans—Gwyneth Paltrow, J.Lo, Jennifer Aniston, and Cameron Diaz among them. Unfortunately, her haters live just above Anderson’s massive Tribeca studio."The vibrations are so extreme that they can be felt by…
  • Anna Wintour Wants To Be Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat

    4:09am By Alex Ronan
    The enduring friendship of two people who rarely smile in public is actually rather sweet. At the British Fashion Awards on Monday night, Anna Wintour presented Karl Lagerfeld with the Outstanding Achievement Award and detailed their friendship.“Karl and I…
  • Not Surprisingly, People Use Airbnb to Get Laid

    Tue 5:47pm By Allison P. Davis
    What criteria do you use when choosing an Airbnb rental for your vacation? Neighborhood vibe? Access to transportation? Price? Aesthetic? Or is it the host's level of fuckability? According to Business Insider, a new travel trend has emerged from the sharing…
  • Brad Pitt Appears to Have Never Cooked a Turkey in His Damn Life

    Tue 5:08pm By Dayna Evans
    The Jolie-Pitts are a perfect family: perfect hair, perfect shirts, perfect teeth, probably perfect family get-togethers where no one yells about Ben Carson and everyone "calls it a night" after two martinis. One thing that we can feel secure about, however,…
  • Ferragamo’s New Shoes Are Ready to Party

    Tue 3:59pm By Rebecca Ramsey
    Red-carpet season is already under way, and to celebrate its 100 years in Hollywood, Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo has teamed up with acclaimed shoe designer Edgardo Osorio for a limited-edition run of colorful and vibrant shoes, all inspired by house…