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    Collecting figurines is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in humanity. Even primitive people were chiseling out of stone and carving primitive figures out of wood. The first "collectible soldiers" appeared in Ancient Egypt. And already for 200 years, B.C. in Ancient Greece and Rome made mobile figures from a tree and clay. So collecting figures isn't worse than any other collection.

    Of course, collecting figurines didn't immediately become a geek pastime, although some noble ladies who were overly enthusiastic about finding porcelain kittens might have seemed odd to some. But that changed in 1964 when Hasbro coined the term "action figures" for its moving toys in the freshly launched G.I. Joe franchise. Unfortunately, the company didn't want to use the word "doll" and inadvertently framed an entire cultural layer. If you like live casino India, then we hasten to disappoint - there are no figures on this subject. But they will be, as this entertainment is becoming increasingly popular and in demand.

    However, the real boom in figurine collecting happened in the '70s. First, in 1971, Marvel released its collection of comic book figures, and in 1976, the official collection of Star Wars figures came out. From then on, figurine collecting (in the '70s, the word just settled) was no longer solely a "children's" pastime - and, of course, every major franchise was now getting its collection.

    These days, figurine collecting is a serious hobby. Figures have also evolved: they are no longer just small plastic toys. Even very expensive full-size busts for true connoisseurs are produced; the statues of superheroes like Batman and classic action heroes like "Terminator" and "Robocop" are especially popular.

    Here we can add these dioramas depicting iconic scenes from movies, comics, anime, and, of course, video games - taking a bath Heralt from "The Witcher" - a welcome specimen in the collection of any gamer.

    However, not everyone is ready to plunge into collecting figurines from large figurines, dioramas, and busts: here, we need to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars. Yes, and a place in the apartment under it would be found! Therefore, to help comes Funko and its series of POP, launched in 1998. Toys Funko POP is a small vinyl figurine, pleasant to the touch, made in a single "cartoon" style: large heads, "smoothed" details, and conquering at first sight cute. Such figures are available and pleasing to the eye - about them, and we will talk.

    The most popular series for collecting are^

    • Harry Potter;
    • Star Wars;
    • Naruto.

    harry potter toys

    Harry Potter series

    Starting your collection with Harry Potter figurines is a great idea. This series of books and movies is a real beacon for the '90s generation and the best example of authentic pop culture. So even if it doesn't work out with large-scale collecting, a cute figurine of Harry and the Booklet will still find its place on some shelf. Especially if it already has a complete collection of books.

    Star Wars Series

    Another one that is both neutral and geeky at the same time. It's also timeless, given the franchise's popularity, which hasn't dimmed in decades. The culture of collecting figurines once began with "Star Wars," so starting your collection with a vinyl Darth Vader will be very symbolic!

    Marvel Universe

    Marvel once pushed figure collecting to the masses, so their figures are an excellent place to start. Especially since today, the Marvel movie universe is a global phenomenon today, and the new Spider-Man's passions still haven't fully subsided. Also, if you start with Marvel figures, you can build a sizeable themed collection right away by hitting the Avengers collection: Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, or even Thanos himself - you'll find them all (even Deadpool, who isn't in "The Avengers," but he's cool)

    D.C. Universe

    If we're talking about Marvel, we should also remember their main competitor - D.C. Comics Publishing. Especially with good reason: the new "Batman" just came out, so why not put the Dark Knight on the shelf? And at the same time, the Joker - he's not in the movie, but we'll let him be.

    "Game of Thrones" series.

    "Game of Thrones" by George Martin is one of the most famous and beloved fantasy universes today, even though the series ended long ago (and did so ambiguously). But in 2022, "Game of Thrones" is getting a prequel, so it might be worth putting Jon Snow on the shelf to watch and evaluate.

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    The "Squid Game" series.

    While we're on the subject of the TV series, it's also worth snagging a current hit, the Korean "Squid Game." The second season is on its way, so collecting all the main characters of the first one is not unreasonable. Ali, Son Ki Hoon, Oh Il Nam, Kang Sae Baek, Cho Sang Woo - not everyone in the series lived to see the finale, but they will be safe on the shelf. Once again, this is a great way to put together an albeit small but complete and themed collection that will please the eye (and grow in value).

    Naruto Anime

    Collecting figures as a hobby from the U.S. quickly migrated to almost every country in the world, especially tightly entrenched in Japan. Naturally, therefore, nearly every popular anime has its collection. But you should start with the true pop-culture classics (and, for many, the animated childhood series) and get yourself a shelf of Naruto and Sasuke.

    toy figurines

    The Witcher series

    The franchise has come a fantastic way. At first, it was known exclusively in Eastern Europe as a series of fantasy books. Then the "Witcher" stepped further into pop culture as a hyper-popular series of games. Today, however, many people know "The Witcher" specifically as a series with Henry Cavill as the monster hunter Geralt - and it's not at all embarrassing to shelve (and better immediately with Jennifer). "Game" Geralt and his friends in the form of figurines also exist, of course - there are even heavier figurines.

    The game Cyberpunk 2077

    "Cyberpunk" from the developers of all the same "The Witcher" although it came out accompanied by problems and even scandals, people's love won. And the best way to express it is to put the game's main character Vi on the shelf. Or Johnny Silverhand, played by Keanu Reeves - it's not a sin to grab him for the collection, even without being a fan of cyberpunk or "Cyberpunk."

    Warcraft series

    Warcraft for video games is like "Lord of the Rings" for literature, a true cult, and a living classic. Even the 2016 film adaptation is beloved by people - including those far from the game's source material. So naturally, at least one "Warcraft" figurine in the collection is a must-have, at least a funny murlock. Since "Warcraft," you can also step in the direction of "heavy" figurines: they are expensive but excellent.

    Overwatch series

    Overwatch is a popular multiplayer shooter from Blizzard, the creators of Warcraft. The series is vital for its variety of colorful heroes, so it is made for collecting figurines. The selection here is enormous, from classic heroes like Lucio to the later Simmetra and Doomfist that came into the game. In addition, some Overwatch characters like Diva are well known outside the game's fan community.

    Fortnite Game

    Fortnite is one of the most popular multiplayer games today and the most popular Battle Royale game. The primary socialization element in it is collecting skins and character appearances. Some skins are trendy and, of course, get figurines. So you can manage them in the game and in real life. But you should start with the llama, the tangible symbol of the game!

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