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    Writing an effective essay about gossip is both challenging and engaging. It is rare to find such an exciting topic, so you have to work twice as hard to cover it because your professor expects to receive an interesting paper. Here are some tips regarding the content and the approach.

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    Use a personal approach, but don't exploit it too hard

    If the format of the essay allows, you can even use your personal story, but don't make it the central idea of the essay. If you cannot use your story, make generalizations. For example:

    Each of us, at least once in a lifetime, has become the target of gossip and rumors. Sometimes we ourselves talk about other people, without really thinking, is it true or fiction. Intrigues, rumors, and gossip are quite common in the history of mankind. There was gossip at the courts of noble royal people, and in the poorest neighborhoods. But sometimes at the workplace of the average modern office, intrigues woven are more sophisticated than in the corners of medieval castles. At least in those days, a person who spreads false stories could be called for an honest duel (for a dramatic touch, you can use a story about someone dying as a result of duel due to a gossip issue).

    Talk about professions most sensitive in terms of the "gossip" issue

    Professional discretion is a very important part of the job, but still many people, even those who sign NDA, keep spreading rumors about their projects, and gossiping about clients. Cover this issue from different points of view.

    There are professions in which it is quite easy to cross the fine line between work and rumors (or gossip). For example, scientists have investigated the tendency to gossip in people of different professions. And it turned out that there are specialists at risk who communicate a lot with people: sociologists, teachers, journalists, doctors, psychologists. It happens that, forgetting about medical secrets, the doctor shares with his colleague: "Did you see the woman leaving my office? Such a famous person, but do you know what her problems are? " Or a journalist publishes information heard from another person without checking it. However, it has been proven that the more professional circles a specialist work in, the less are chances for such behavior. For example, when you address an expert writing service like SmartWritingService to get a custom essay from professional academic writers, you should choose the one with years of experience, as those years prove strong protection of confidentiality.

    Give more details about topics people use to gossip

    You will be surprised, but your peers will rather gossip about you than about Madonna or Trump.

    Sociologists believe that the most interesting is information about the shortcomings and problems of other people (for example, their dependence on alcohol and drugs), conflicts and scandals, and especially "zest" from personal and intimate life (meetings, weddings, divorces, infidelities). But it is curious that there is much less gossip about famous people than about a work colleague or a former classmate.

    Explain the difference between "gossip" and "rumors"

    It is a fine difference, so remember that explanation will not work well without the details and examples.

    There are some differences between gossip and rumors. Rumors concern more people and gossip only a few. Rumors are abstract and emotional, and gossip has a more personalized character, they are more informative and saturated with many details. Rumors are often unreliable, and gossip carries information that is untrue or truthful, verified, or not, similar to what might be.

    Explain scientifically defined psychological functions of gossip

    Gossiping satisfies the relevant needs of society. Tell more about it.

    For example, an integration function is important. The exchange of gossip indicates a certain similarity of hierarchical values, needs, or characters of communicating with people. A peculiar signal: "We are of the same blood - you and I; I am the same as you!"

    Another important function of gossip is to create a sense of security. After all, any dissimilarity causes anxiety and fear in society. So, in a team where it is considered that "everyone cheats, but not everyone is caught," the example of a happy family will cause surprise, resentment, even condemnation and, finally, slander.

    Gossip also has an informative and informative function. This seems like a special appendix to official information. What a person tells about himself (in a friendly circle or in an interview with a popular magazine) is one thing, gossip speaks of something hidden, so to speak, on the reverse side of the coin. Sometimes gossip, passing from mouth to mouth, gets on the pages of tabloid publications, allegedly acquiring a more reliable look.

    Use the information above, and you will come up with a stellar paper that will make your professor proud of you. Writing about gossip can be fun, especially if you look at the topic from different angles. Don't forget to check your paper before submission and be careful with citing sources.

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