10 Tips to Build a Lasting Relationship You'd Wish You Knew Sooner

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    Everyone is looking for that right romantic connection. But, many end up arguing day and night for even the tiniest of things. It's normal to have a few ups and downs in a relationship, especially when you are living together. To have a lasting, healthy, and strong relationship, however, both you and your partner must put a lot of effort into it.

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    Whether you've found your partner via matchmaking services or you've met at a social event, physical attraction is not enough. There is a lot more that goes into creating a strong relationship, and here, we will show you exactly how to do it. Our best tips for creating the perfect relationship depend on few important contributors, which are:

    • Communication;
    • Honesty;
    • Openness;
    • Attention;
    • Appreciation;
    • Playfulness;
    • Space;
    • Flattery;
    • Self-worth;
    • Positiveness.

    Here we will focus on all of them.

    1. Be Open With Each Other

    Open communication is important; you can talk about your feelings and concerns. But, the key to making it work is to listen, don't just force your feelings on your partner, acknowledge their problems, and solve them.

    1. Don't Lie

    For Indian Christian matrimony or any matrimony, for that matter, lying can be a problem. Some lie for a good reason, but others lie because it is convenient. This creates trust issues that put a strain on the relationship.

    1. Express Your Sexual Desires Openly

    Don't hold back anything from your partner, even if it's about a sensitive topic. Talking about it will help you get closer.

    1. Don't Forget to Go on a Date

    Plan a dinner or cocktail night with your long-term partner; this is something you both deserve.

    1. Appreciate Your Partner

    Be thankful for all the things your partner has done for you and let them know you care.

    1. Do Fun and Playful Things

    Do something outrageous and ridiculous together; it doesn't matter how old you are.

    1. Both of You Need Space

    Every person needs space to recharge their batteries; someone who loves you will give you this space. But, they won't make you feel left out.

    1. Don't Forget to Throw a Few Compliments

    A little bit of flattery has never hurt anyone. When your partner dresses up nicely, you can shower them with compliments.

    1. Love Who You Are

    A partner who knows their worth is a happier partner to live with.

    1. Don't Dwell on the Negatives

    Focus on all the positive things that happened in your relationship, rather than to dwell on the negatives. If you have a strong positive resolve, it will be much easier to deal with all the challenges ahead.


    You can't build a strong relationship overnight, and it takes time and effort for it to flourish. But, if you and your loved one are willing to make it work, then you will succeed. These tips above can help you achieve that.

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