Why is Billie Eilish so Popular with Students?

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    2019 has been a big year for Billie Eilish. She has become a popular music artist almost overnight, rising to fame with hits like ‘Bad Guy' and ‘Bury a Friend'. In particular, a lot of her fans that listen to her music and go to her shows are young. Indeed, she is young herself. If you as anyone that is a student will definitely hear about her. You may be wondering; why is Billie Eilish so popular with young people? Well, we are going to tell you as there are many reasons.

    Billie Eilish Student

    She is 17 Years Old

    A lot of music artists that are in the charts are older and sometimes, students can find it hard to relate to them. Perhaps the reason they like Billie Eilish so much is that she is a similar age. She is famous and is only 17 years old. When she first started out with music, she was even young. A lot of the time students, like celebrities that are similar to them. Since she is young, she goes through the same experience as everyone else.

    She was Home Schooled

    From a young age, the parents of Billie Eilish had her homeschooled. This was to ensure she received a good education and one that they wanted her to have. We see a lot of famous people drop out of school or not talk about their education. The fact that she is open about her homeschooling can be helpful for students that also had a similar journey. Just like students now, there were probably times when she thought, ‘can someone write my essay?' Of course, now students can benefit from paper writing services where you can pay someone to do my essay for me. This is probably something that Billie Eilish wishes was around when she was homeschooled!

    Her Videos Include Her Own Stunts

    So, why is Billie Eilish famous? Of course, her music is catchy. But she also creates amazing videos that include her own stunts. She loves to experiment and take on new character roles. This includes carrying out stunts that other artists would have actors do. For example, she even put a live spider in her mouth when she was filming for ‘When the Party's Over'. Students love how down to earth she is and cool for doing her own students on camera.

    Students Can Relate to the Lyrics

    A lot of artists sing about having money, cars and partying all the time. A lot of students cannot relate to this. But the good thing about Billie Eilish is that her lyrics have a deeper meaning and she sings about going through hard times that can be easier to relate to. She also includes a lot of interesting imagery and storytelling in her lyrics. This means that students choose to write essays about their songs. There is a lot of emotion in the words that can be analyzed in a paper and there are dark themes that can be explored in a paper.

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