Goldberg and Matt Riddle Come Face-to-Face Backstage

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    With the Wildcard rule having failed to attract crowds at the WWE shows as of late, one of the most prominent ideas that the WWE has received for attracting the bulk of crowd is a confrontation or a face to face, in-ring encounter of the legendary superstar of the WWE, Bill Goldberg and the former UFC fighter and now a WWE NXT wrestler, Matt Riddle. The latest reports regarding WWE news have confirmed this as a concrete fact and look true as well because the two superstars haven't been on good terms since their first encounter and some heated words have also been exchanged between the two, both face to face and behind each other's backs. But in the end, what matters for WWE is the ticket sales and revenue that keeps the company running.

    Also, WWE has recently released the footage of the confrontation between the WWE Hall of Famer and the NXT superstar before his match with Dolph Ziggler at the WWE SummerSlam pay per view. At that confrontation, Goldberg had told Matt Riddle that he wanted to have a talk with him after his match with Dolph Ziggler. But that talk never took place as Matt Riddle never faced Golberg again. But, things are heated up between the two as there have been a lot of calling outs to Goldberg from Matt Riddle's end, which has certainly annoyed Bill Goldberg. But he is not giving a damn in public, although he might choose to give Matt a good beating if he is given a free hand by law.

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    Things started getting sour even before the WWE Results for the Super Show-Down the main event was announced completely, as Matt Riddle was seen on social media as mocking the WWE legend when he showed blood during the match against the Undertaker. Also, it was yet another chance to matt Riddle to raise his voice more against Goldberg when he lost to the undertaker. After all, it is this outspoken nature of Matt riddle that keeps him in news all through the day. Or some people also hold a view that he has been asked to be an outspoken guy on Social Media so that he remains under the watch of the WWE universe - of course, to boost the sales.

    That being said, WWE has released the footage of the confrontation four months later, only to check the potential excitement and interest it generates among the fans of the WWE. with the acceptance of Matt's NXT Godfather Triple H, the match between Goldberg and Matt Riddle seems very likely in the near future, as Triple H is good at convincing the event managers. But another hurdle that is being faced in the making of this match is Goldberg's acceptance to compete with someone who is outside the main roster of the WWE.

    As per Goldberg, he will wait for Matt Riffddle to be on the main roster and then he would think of facing him. But one thing is for sure that when the two come face to face within the boundary of the four ropes, it would be nothing less than a brawl.

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