The Highest-Paid Celebs of 2023

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    We all know that tech and business moguls like Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos are billionaires who hold some of the highest incomes and net worths in the world, but where do our favorite musicians, entertainers, and producers fall?

    Below are the fifteen highest-paid celebrities of 2023. Some of the names will surprise you because their names aren't splashed across headlines the way they have been in the past, but others you'll be more than expecting to see here.

    Without further ado, let's get started.

    1. Jami Gertz ($8 Billion)

    Jami Gertz is an actor, producer, and Atlantic Hawks NBA team co-owner. You might recognize her from Twister, Jersey Girl, or The Lost Boys, where she played prominent roles. While she's acted in many different movies and shows over her career, her fortune is mainly attributed to her ownership of a sports team, which she co-owns with her husband, Antony Ressler.

    2. Steven Spielberg ($8 Billion)

    From heart-wrenching stories to action-packed adventures, Stephen Spielberg has entertained people for decades. In the process, he's amassed quite a fortune. Though his fortune can be attributed to more than the fact that he's directed stories and characters that will stay with us, he's also jumped into business ventures, like founding DreamWorks.

    3. Oprah Winfrey ($3.5 Billion)

    From her talk show to her OWN TV network, Oprah has won over and entertained the masses, all while making herself a billionaire. Her magnetic personality and many ventures have set her up to do well financially and allowing her to do a lot of philanthropic work for causes close to her heart.

    4. Jay-Z ($2 Billion)

    Jay-Z, the multiple-awarded rapper and record producer, has become a highly paid music mogul with a $2 billion net worth. Billboard Music even credits him for helping Rihanna and Kanye get their starts in the music industry. And it's not just music that has helped him grow his fortune; it's also multiple investments ranging from Oatly to Uber.

    5. Rihanna ($1.7 Billion)

    Rihanna's rise to fame can be attributed to the fact that she acts and sings, but she's also founded a lingerie brand and a fully inclusive beauty line - the first to deliver makeup in shades for every skin tone - making a name for herself as a successful businessperson. These two different endeavors have come together to help Rihanna obtain billionaire status.

    6. Kim Kardashian ($1.7 Billion)

    Whether you love her or love to hate her, Kim Kardashian has built an impressive net worth. This wealth was built from the famous reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians and business ventures like co-founding Skims and founding SKKN. Even after her messy and public divorce from Kanye West, this Kardashian has held onto an incredibly high net worth and lucrative ventures.

    7. Paul McCartney ($1.2 Billion)

    Paul McCartney has seen a lot of success in music and entertainment as a member of The Beatles and as a solo artist. And while these things certainly contribute to his more than billion-dollar net worth, they aren't the only contributing factors. Like many creatives on this list, McCartney has ventured into successful businesses. He also earns royalties from the covers of his popular songs and has written dozens of songs that have reached the Billboard Hot 100.

    8. Taylor Swift ($1.1 Billion)

    With the year Taylor Swift has had, the only surprise of her name appearing on this list is that she didn't have the number one place. Her Eras tour has been a driving force behind her net worth, but she's also released (and rereleased) albums that have broken records and contributed to her fortune.

    9. JK Rowling ($1 Billion)

    The name behind the iconic and beloved Harry Potter book series, JK Rowling, has earned billionaire status and continues to be paid substantially, thanks to the series and all its attached movies, theme parks, and products.

    10. David Copperfield ($1 Billion)

    David Copperfield is often considered the greatest illusionist of our time, thanks to his awe-inspiring performances. He holds a 15-year residency at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas - though if he were to take part in casino glamour and games, he likely wouldn't be searching for online promotions like 200 free spins no deposit at

    11. Peter Jackson ($1 Billion)

    The director of The Lord of the Rings trilogy has made his way to be a highly paid, distinguished director and producer who, even though the last release of a movie in The Lord of The Rings series (The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies) in 2014, is still maintaining an incredibly high net worth.

    12. Jerry Seinfeld ($950 Million)

    Jerry Seinfeld has appeared on TV screens and stages since the late '80s. Since then, he has seen his pay increase progressively, to the point where today, he's almost reached billionaire status. His sitcom Seinfeld still earns him hefty syndication payments, and he's been involved in other ventures and video productions (including a few Netflix specials), contributing to his high net worth.

    13. Diddy ($900 Million)

    Diddy, aka Sean Combs, has made his way up the music charts and payment ladders to become a millionaire. On top of this, he's a multi-talented creative who has made his name known (and his fortune) in fashion, acting, record producing, screenwriting, and movie productions.

    14. Madonna ($850 Million)

    The iconic and beloved pop star Madonna has unsurprisingly reached millionaire status. She continues to earn money from her decades of performing and recording. And it's not just her music that has her making bank: she's also a financially savvy real estate investor and art collector.

    15. Celine Dion ($800 Million)

    With a Vegas residency that has broken revenue records, it's no surprise that Celine Dion has made it onto this list as a top-paid celebrity. On top of her music career, she's also founded and invested in successful business ventures ranging from fine dining and real estate to a signature perfume brand.

    Producers, directors, musicians, and actors are all known for having some of the highest-paying roles, but it's these fifteen billionaires and millionaires who have earned the titles of being the highest-paid individuals in these lucrative roles - an impressive and enviable feat.

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