From the Red Carpet to the Casino Floor: Celebrities Who Love Live Casinos

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    When it comes to the world of casinos, we all know it's filled with glitz and glamor. And there is another world that shares glitz and glamor - the world of stars.

    And there are countless celebrities that enjoy a good old-fashioned casino game. But let's dig a bit deeper and check out the famous people, who are also famous for rolling the dice not only career-wise but also in casinos.

    The Appeal of Live Casinos for Celebrities

    Casinos have been thriving for literally centuries, with the first known casino established in Venice in 1638. Since then, there have been thousands more that opened up all over the world. However, with the launch of the first-ever digital casino in the 1990s, we have seen the rise of live casinos – causing a huge shift in the immersive gambling experience.

    With live casinos, classics, such as poker, baccarat, and blackjack, are not only found in brick-and-mortar locales but also in the digital realm. After all, technology has impacted every industry, and casinos are not an exception. Let us explain how it all works.

    Casino live platforms feature a live host, which adds a realistic element to the way we play casino games. With live casino technology, they expand the gambling customer base, as those who are used to in-person gambling can see the cards they're being dealt, observe the roulette wheel, and fine-tune their strategy in real-time. Simply put, live casinos replicate the real, physical gambling experience, transporting it into the online world.

    Truly, this immersive technology leads to an ever-expending client base for live casino games, which notably, includes many celebrities. But what exactly is attracting them to this industry?

    Well, they're still human, and everyone needs a hobby. Live casinos provide sophisticated escape from daily stressors, and most of them are accessible through various devices – mobile or desktop.

    Moreover, most celebrities take plenty of risks, whether it's careerwise or otherwise. The live casino world is pretty similar to that, making it easy for them to get accustomed to the atmosphere.

    Since they're also typically flush with cash, it's much easier to play without worrying about any limits. And it's such a widely popular genre of games in the celebrity world, that it's the perfect activity to enjoy with other A-listers.

    Celebrities Who Frequent Live Casinos

    Now that we've discussed the appeal of live casinos for celebrities, let's get to the main part - the actual celebrities who are well-known for their love of games.

    We have to start out with Tobey Maguire. You probably remember him as Spiderman, but, he has made quite a splash on the casino floor on top of the movie screens. However, his conduct has been quite questionable.

    If you haven't seen Molly's Game, we'd urge you to watch it to understand what we mean. This movie is based on the alleged true story of an underground casino filled with billionaires and stars such as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and even Leonardo DiCaprio. There are different accounts of this, so it's unclear which version is real, but at the very least it makes for a good story.

    Speaking of Ben Affleck, the notorious beau of J-Lo, he is famously good at blackjack, the most popular live casino classic, and he has a secret talent when it comes to this. He is exceptional when it comes to counting cards, and this is something he openly stating using even when playing the game in Las Vegas.

    Jennifer Lopez herself is no stranger to the games. The illustrious singer and actress was famously spotted playing with Drake in Vegas back in 2017.

    More recently, she's been spotted with Affleck during their vacation playing. After all, a couple that plays together stays together.

    Another big name is George Clooney, which probably won't surprise many. The Ocean's 11 star has actually been playing poker since he was a teenager, which has indubitably helped him with the role. He's also been spotted many times playing casino games and is also known to play with the Hollywood elites.

    Sports stars are just as well renowned when it comes to casinos. The name Michael Jordan is not only big in the basketball world but also in the gambling scene.

    He doesn't limit himself to table cards, but also gambles on sports and even with friends in friendly competitions. While there have been rumors of him having gambling problems, he has openly stated that it's not his issue. He is just extremely competitive, which is the reason why he has had such an amazing basketball career.
    Finally, we have the one and only boxing champion - Floyd Mayweather Jr, who is well known for his generosity and love of casino games. In fact, the retired champion has also been involved in the effort to bring a casino to Times Square in New York City. This just further shows his passion for the live casino genre.


    It seems the transition from the red carpet to the casino floor is a very common one. There are countless live casino providers that feature the perfect setup for an A-lister to enjoy a good game. From poker to slots to roulette, it's clear that the games are beloved not only by normal folk but also by the stars that delight our screens.

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