Inspiring Success Stories: Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

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    Companies like Syndicatecasino started small. Many corporations are like this, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Young entrepreneurs took the risk and made a lot of money for themselves.

    Is there a secret to what they did? Are there things they know that we don't?

    No, there is no secret. What they did was hard work. Even Jeff Bezos spent sleepless nights growing Amazon into what it is today. As such, providing you with advice and success stories as a young entrepreneur makes perfect sense.

    1. Simone Hufana

    Simone is a college student who created a brand representing women of colour. She invented colouring books that introduced young girls to other women who had achieved so much in life. She had two younger sisters who inspired her.

    Simone won an award called BEASTMODE-A-Business. It is a competition among young entrepreneurs, and she won in 2017. It was the year when her business "Color Herstory" was launched. Simone hopes that she will become a global brand one day.

    Essentially, Color Herstory is a colouring book that has women of colour as inspiration. These women are influential, and she did it because she was very insecure about her physical features when she was a kid. As a child, she wanted to look white and a blonde hair.

    Eventually, she learned about amazing women of colour who made great strides. She told herself that no one was really educating kids about these people – and so the idea was born.

    2. Ryan Trahan

    Ryan was an athlete back in 2017 in Texas. What he did was a water bottle brand. Accompanied by his athleticism, Ryan created a YouTube channel about running. It is through this channel that he marketed his product, a water bottle.

    He succeeded in growing his channel. Now Ryan has tens of thousands of them. He was successful but had a problem with the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This organisation governs how athletes earn money. Their options for him were simple: stay with Texas A&M University as an athlete or be a YouTuber.

    His decision? He dropped out of college and made a lot of money. His channel kept on growing, and he now has over 12 million subscribers. Ryan made a big name for himself when he started the "penny challenge." Apart from the water bottle, he is also the founder of a clothing business called Howdy Howdy.

    Ryan got the inspiration for the penny challenge from Gary Vaynerchuk. The challenge was to start in California with only one penny. Then, he would travel to Mr. Beast, another YouTuber, to North Carolina and deliver that penny. This challenge resulted in donations that amounted to $1.38 million after a month.

    3. Angelina Ly

    Angelina was only 14 when she noticed a trend in slime toys. She made her version and sold them on social media. Her following grew on social media, particularly TikTok and Instagram. From here, she got a request to sell her slime products.

    It has been five years since she started this business, and she is now one of the biggest brands when it comes to slime toys. Her brand name is Fireflyslime.

    She now works for her company full-time. However, that does not mean that she does not study. She is also working hard for a Business degree in college.

    She started by making slime from Etsy. Then she created her website where she sold her products. Her product was so in demand that she sold 15,000 orders in less than a year. All it took her to succeed was her dedication to the slime toy and her perseverance to make her own brand.

    4. Robert Felder

    Robert is the founder of Bearbottom, a clothing company that touts sustainability. He was in high school when he went to Bangladesh and saw how people made clothing. He got inspired to do it in a better way.

    He launched his business and did it full-time. His brand is one of those that aim to create a difference by making eco-friendly clothes. He is also active in charity. To date, Robert has donated 700,000 meals to partner communities and 100,00 pairs of shorts.

    Bearbottom also grew as a brand - they now sell many types of clothing.

    Here are some examples:

    • Shorts
    • Pants
    • Briefs
    • Polos
    • Long sleeves
    • Sweatshirts
    • Hats
    • Belts

    Now, his company works with suppliers in Bangladesh and China. He wants to make sure that the employees of these companies are treated well - with decency.

    Achieving success is not easy. Entrepreneurs who succeed know how it feels to lose or fail. The big difference between them and others who do not succeed is tenacity. Successful people do not give up - they know what they want and will not stop until they achieve it.

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