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    UK online gambling has grown an incredible market recently and continues to grow strong. With new games being introduced every year, the software providers that come from the UK deliver exceptional content aimed towards their country's audience. You can also find these slots all over the world as well. Experience the free online slots to get your first taste of what's on offer before trying the real thing. Before that, here is some information on these slots to help give you an idea of what to expect.

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    Gonzo's Quest

    What started off as nothing more than a catalogue game from NetEnt, the idea quickly blossomed into one of the most iconic games in the entire industry. Join the adventurous Gonzo as he journeys to the Aztec jungle to find the incredible treasures that lie in wait. Use many kinds of mechanics, such as Cascading Wins and Avalanche wins to create winning combinations. Each of these wins is accompanied by inspiring animations with full 3D coverage and high-definition graphics. You can expect to find a few bonus deals with this slot as it has become a common name through many online casinos. Give yourself some free spins to find more gems for Gonzo.


    Experience explosive winning potential with the power of the stars. Let the universe guide you towards sparkling prizes that can explode to create even bigger wins for you. Use a variety of different jewels to make new combinations, each leading to more satisfying rewards. While there are no bonus rounds to take advantage of, this doesn't mean that Starburst hasn't got any excitement. The graphical animations themselves create a vibrant world for players to get lost in. It makes it all the more spectacular for you to score a win since there is a terrific light show waiting for you.

    The Razor Shark

    Explore the vast ocean, deep beneath the surface and encounter the most terrifying predator of the sea. The Razor Shark can lead you to great rewards if you can avoid his razor-sharp teeth. Joining him will be the deadly hammer-head shark and the great piranha. The more wins you score, the further down below you can explore. It can continue until, eventually, it leads to the bright red ruby that is tucked away in a treasure chest on the ocean's surface. If you unlock the bonus round, the sharks will turn gold and can create more possible combinations for you to earn more.

    The Demon Code

    The Demon Code is a slot based on the famous novel that explores the other side of demonology and occultism. Now, you can explore the nether realm to find yourself incredible prizes. Just make sure that you don't alert the demons to your presence. If you do, make sure to summon the demon that can grant you the bonus that will help you the most. Collect a different coloured gem to summon a different kind of demon: Ancient Alchemy, Cryptic Chaos, Dark Design and Fiery Fusion. Each one can grant more Wilds, create Mystery Symbols, add free spins and many more features.

    South Park

    Based on the hit adult animated cartoon, the South Park slot will have all of your favourite characters with all of their loud-mouthed comedy. Join Eric, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny as they can create winning combinations with their foul humour. Use the Sticky and Bonus symbols to grant Sticky Wilds and free spins. Use both of them to give yourself tons of prizes and keep the combo going. If you are a fan of the show, then you will like the theme tune that plays as you play the game.

    Monopoly Megaways

    Monopoly is one of the most beloved board games of our generation. Now it is in the form of a beloved slot game instead. Use your monopoly knowledge to create some amazing wads of cash. Use the player pieces to score yourself bigger prizes, as well as landing houses that you can place onto the property. The more property you own, the bigger prizes you can earn. Since this is a Megaways title, you can expect to have thousands of paylines available for you to win off. The Megaways can be triggered to give players more chances of winning than any other kind of slot out there.

    Break Da Bank

    If you want to find dozens of money available for your picking, then Break Da Bank can deliver on that promise. It is another example of a high-paying slot that can award large sums of money with high-stake action. Use the Break Da Bank symbols to substitute all other symbols in the game. It also acts as a multiplier, meaning that when you land it, you can score bigger prizes. Depending on how many you land, you can either double or quadruple your winnings altogether.

    Mega Joker

    Enjoy shenanigans and mischief with the mad Joker and his variety of games. In this game, you can find yourself with a super meter that can be filled by scoring more wins. The higher the meter is filled, the more you go up in levels. The higher level you are, the more paylines you will unlock so that you can land more combinations. This can also create more Mystery Symbols, which can award a bet of 100 or 200, depending on how many landed. If you wish to save your super meter, you can go back to the basic stage at any time and use it for later.

    Mega Moolah

    A famous progressive jackpot game was created by Microgaming. Mega Moolah is the game to play if you want to win yourself some massive amounts of money. Mega Moolah has been a famed jackpot game for a long time and has awarded millions of coins to players all over the world, not just in the UK. The Mega Jackpot has been awarded over 12 times, adding up to 79 million payouts. No other online slot even comes close to the amount that this game has awarded. With easy rules to follow and exciting gameplay, you can find enjoyment even if you don't win big.

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