You've Just Welcomed a Bouncing Baby; It's Time to Get Your Hands Dirty with these 5 Ways to Take Care of a Newborn

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    If you want to encounter the fun side of life, then wait until you become a parent. Being a parent comes with responsibilities, and once a newborn arrives, you have to be more careful about handling them.

    Babies are no ordinary beings, and that means you must exercise some caution. Like you are focused when gambling on online casino South Africa, you want to ensure you give your child all your attention. In this article, we highlight some five proven tips to help you take care of your newborn.

    1. Feed your baby at the right time

    A crucial step to taking good care of your newborn baby is by feeding them at the right time. The more quality food you give your baby, the healthier they grow. Sometimes, the baby can have latching issues, and other alternative baby foods like baby formula can come to your rescue.

    When breastfeeding your baby, you should ensure your breast nipple is just against the baby's mouth. Soothe the baby and make him more comfortable to latch.

    You should nurse your baby at least 12 times a day in their first month. That means feeding the baby every two or three hours. Always stick to your baby's feeding schedule.

    For example, it should not increase the feeding gap to more than four hours because it can increase the chances of dehydration. Feeding your premature baby at intervals makes them more healthy and improves their immunity.

    2. Watch how the baby grows

    Apart from feeding your baby on time, you also want to keep track of his growth. Every stage in your baby's life matters a lot. A premature baby grows differently than toddlers. If you are having a baby for the first time, you can ask your doctor for a growth chart to help you monitor your baby's growth.

    With a growth chart at your disposal, you can easily determine if your baby is growing normally and reach out to your doctor in case you notice some abnormalities. Keep records of your child's growth pattern always.

    3. Maintain the correct room temperature

    Your baby is just adapting to a new environment. Therefore, you should try keeping him at a temperature that is safe and comfortable for him. For example, you must ensure you keep the baby warm during the winter when it's freezing.

    You can do this in a layer – like wearing some thick socks and overalls. You can also zip-up the baby's sleeping bag with a blanket and sleepsuit. What your baby wears should depend on the temperature of your surroundings.

    You may not be sure what you should dress your baby for the first time in most cases. You can ask your medical team what the best clothing for the baby is.

    4. Soothe your baby to sleep

    Another thing you have to do for your baby is creating a perfect environment to help him sleep. For instance, you can make the bedroom a bit dim by banishing all electronics that release blue light. Practicing good sleep hygiene helps your baby grow healthy. Babies weighing below 13 pounds need at least 16 hours of sleep a day to remain healthy.

    You can cuddle your baby to sleep by feeding him at the right time, keeping them warm, and ensuring the room is quiet. A dimly lit and quiet environment helps your baby sleep.

    5. Keep the baby clean always

    If you want your baby to live healthily, you must ensure he remains clean all of the time. For a premature baby, you can just wash him with clean water and some cotton. Your doctor will instruct you to stop using bathing soap for the first few weeks until the baby's skin matures or adapts to the new environment.

    For the first four weeks of your newborn's life, you should just keep washing with clean water. Change his diaper when wet and/or dirty to avoid damaging his skin. Here are the tips to take care of your baby's skin

    If your baby has dry skin, you can do the following:

    • Don't buy and use any baby skincare product for your baby before consulting the doctor. Like bathing soap, some skincare products are not recommended for babies, and using them can often result in skin complications.
    • You don't have to wash your baby every day within the first weeks. You can wipe his bottom, neck, and face with a moisturized baby diaper.
    • If your baby has a wet skin, he will probably become cold most of the time. Therefore, you can snuggle him dry using a soft towel.
    • When you wash your baby, ensure you have some towel close to wrap him and later dry him.

    Final Thoughts

    If you want your baby to live healthily, you must practice some of the tips discussed here in our parents guide. Keep your doctor close if you are a first-time parent. This way, you can ensure you take good care of the newborn and reduce all the avoidable risk factors.

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