5 Things Every New College Student Needs to Think About

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    Between classes, extracurriculars and friends, it's easy to coast through an entire week without even taking a few minutes for yourself. The hectic schedule and life of a full-time student can quickly drain you and cause your schoolwork to suffer, so it's important to prioritize your well-being. These are some aspects of college life that many students overlook but can have a major impact on your experience.

    Living Arrangements

    Are you going to school online and living at home? Do you want to work part-time and move out? Some students who choose the online route still want to leave home for a while and get a taste of adulthood. Others who move into dorms are worried about getting along with their roommate and finding their place on campus. Consider what's best for you and your lifestyle. Rather than pressuring yourself to do something you aren't comfortable with, make sure that your living arrangements give you the best possible environment to succeed.

    Your Minor

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    You may not have any plans to pursue a minor, but it may be a good way to pursue an unexplored passion while earning credits. Minors can either be unrelated to your major or enhance it by adding an area of specialization. If you are into something that you know you couldn't reasonably turn into a career, consider making it your major. Students who are majoring in business or engineering, for example, might enjoy minoring in the liberal arts. You can build a more well-rounded college education by picking a major and minor with cross-over skills.


    What's your spending budget going to be in college? You may get money from your parents, or you could decide to work while you're in school. Adult learners often return to college with jobs in place, but the added cost of books and tuition can put a strain on their budget. If you're worried about paying for school and eating more than instant noodles for dinner, consider private student loans. There are many flexible options available that can give you the funds you need to cover tuition and have enough money to comfortably make it through the year. Managing student loans while you're in college is also a good way to begin building good financial skills.

    Summer Plans

    You might get so caught up in the school year that summer comes and you have no idea what you're going to do for the next three months. Plan ahead, and consider whether you'll do an internship, further your education by taking some classes or travel with friends and family. It's possible to balance everything you want to do if you start planning during the spring. Take a look at your school year and make a loose plan that can guide you through each semester. There should be enough flexibility that you can make changes as needed, but enough structure to give you a sense of stability.

    Life Goals Beyond Work

    College is a time that you will grow more as a person than you probably ever have. It's the only period of your life that you'll be in such close contact with people from so many different backgrounds, all set on different paths. There's incredible opportunity to expand your worldview, challenge your beliefs and shape your identity into someone who is 100-percent you. But it's also important to realize that college and the career it prepares you for is not the be-all and end-all. You should think about what you consider a meaningful life; strive to make plans and develop goals that have nothing to do with earning money.

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