Finding Lost Relatives in These Trying Times

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    By Partner EditorialsApr 30, 2020, 4:25 pm354 pts

    The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted life as we know it. People are feeling anxious about what will come next as we do not know when things will get back to normal. This makes it important to get in touch with our loved ones to find out how they are doing. The sad thing is that many people have long-lost relatives they have not talked to in a while and may be concerned about their well-being. If you need to find long-lost relatives, keep reading because below, we will explore a few ways you can find long-lost relatives easily and fast.

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    Background Checks

    Although many people would not agree with using background checks to find people, it is one of the fastest ways to do this. Background check companies search millions of private and public databases to find people, their contacts, as well as where they live if that information has been posted anywhere on the internet.

    Most times, you can find the right information even if you do not know the correct spelling of their name or if you provide incomplete information. Even though most of these companies do not initiate contact, they are a great place to start.

    Use Social Media

    Almost everyone has a social media presence. Using this method, it can be easy to locate lost loved ones. Start with the biggest site of them all, Facebook, and move on to other platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

    If you do not know their names, start with your contacts and look through their friend's lists or their followers and those they follow. These may be the long-lost relatives you may be looking for.

    Use a Private Investigator

    This is a more expensive way to find people, but it is very effective. If you know where they are likely to live or work, you could send a private investigator to find your relatives. Ensure that you let the private investigator know that you do not want them to initiate contact but rather you want to initiate contact yourself. This can save you some embarrassment and ensure things do not get weird before you meet people you may not have talked to in a long time.

    Use a People Finding Service

    There are lots of websites where you can do a people search when looking for long-lost relatives. These websites usually aggregate information from millions of websites just like the background check service websites do.

    On these websites, you can find information such as physical and email addresses, where they work, aliases, associates, property reports, and more.

    When You Get in Touch

    Once you find the relatives you are looking for, you should take things easy. If you rush into things, it might make the connection break down and the endeavor will have been for naught. Start by explaining why you are getting in touch and let them know that you want to find out how they are.

    You can share some personal information and even arrange a meeting if you are both up for it.

    People want to know that their relatives are safe in these confusing and anxious times. Finding lost relatives is not too hard if you at least have a name or some other piece of information. Rest easy in knowing that long-lost relatives will not remain lost forever and you will eventually find them.

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