6 Women Celebrities Who Are Into Bitcoin Investment

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    Did you think cryptocurrencies were only for men? If you did, it is time to change your opinion. Reports suggest that cryptocurrencies appeal equally to both genders, although the finance industry has been predominantly male-driven. According to a study by Grayscale, almost 43% of Bitcoin investors are women. So far, women had not been making their presence felt in the financial-tech world but things are changing rapidly now. Here are some of the most popular women celebrities who have invested in Bitcoins:

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    Bjork: Bjork has been one of the most popular pop singers to have joined the Bitcoin bandwagon. Her fans could buy her latest single using Bitcoins for payments. This singer from Iceland is even known to accept payments for her music from 3 lesser-known crypto coins, namely Litecoin, Audio Coin, and Dash. Bjork has always been known for being unique and innovative and she even made headlines when she launched her album Biophilia as an interactive app. One Little Indian is the name of her record label and Bjork teamed up with Blockpool, a London-based blockchain to accept Bitcoin payments.

    Mel B: She is a former Spice Girl, the number-one British girl-band that made news everywhere. As a pop singer and judge for X Factor, Mel B has always enjoyed staying in the spotlight. So, her decision to welcome the cryptocurrency is no surprise to her fans. She recognized the potential of crypto coins and decided to accept payments in Bitcoins for her Christmas single in 2014. She feels that Bitcoin helps her fans to unite and expresses her excitement and love for this new technology which she is confident will make people's lives much easier. She has entered into a partnership with Cloud Hashing, a Bitcoin mining company, in order to accept Bitcoin payments. Have a look at this bitcoin era Erfahrungen or experiences that talk about how bitcon is traded using automated bitcoin trading software applications like bitcoin era that can serve as a good choice for both beginners and pro.

    Katy Perry: She is the new entrant in a growing list of celebrities endorsing the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. She showed her affiliation with this crypto boom through an Instagram post showing a meretricious manicure. It was captioned "crypto claws" to show her feelings about endorsing crypto assets. She made sure each finger denotes a specific crypto coin; so, she painted Ethereum on the thumb, Stellar on the little finger, Monero on the ring finger, Litecoin on the index, and Bitcoin on her middle finger.

    Gwyneth Paltrow: This British born actress has always received a lot of media attention for her movies and acting prowess and more recently, for her passion for Bitcoins. She is a key advocate of cryptocurrencies and became the face of Abra, a Bitcoin wallet. She is working at Abra in the role of an advisor, and recently shared an article on "The Basics of Bitcoin and Crypto Currency" through her Twitter handle. Her lifestyle brand Goop is now actively encouraging buyers to learn more about Bitcoin basics and pushing them to invest in Bitcoins.

    Paris Hilton: This hotel heiress and famous reality TV star is one of the biggest celebrities to endorse the Bitcoin and she declared her involvement in an ICO through Twitter. She supports Lydian which is a blockchain-driven project to minimize frauds in ad marketing.

    Roseanne Barr: She is the face and creator of the popular sitcom Roseanne and she believes that the Bitcoin is capable of putting to an end the satanic ritual rule, showing her disappointment with the federal government. She has tweeted support for Bitcoins and feels that it is the best currency moving forward.

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