6 Celebrity Men Who Are Into Bitcoin Investment

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    Gone are the days when cryptocurrencies were considered to be the forte of tech developers and web programmers. As the crypto buzz keeps growing more and more, celebrities are not wasting any time in jumping onto the Bitcoin bandwagon. Many of these celebrities have been making significant investments in blockchain-oriented projects and businesses, and are endorsing crypto coins aggressively. Here are 6 male celebrities who have made substantial Bitcoin investments:

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    Ashton Kutcher the celebrated Hollywood actor has been instrumental in establishing the investment fund A-Grade Investments that financed BitPay. This company provides payment processing services and caters to merchants who have Bitcoin-friendly ventures. Ashton Kutcher has always supported the blockchain technology and blockchain applications; no surprises then why his business is actively working with many start-ups and digital firms all across the globe. The newest software application in the cryptocurrency market is bitcoin evolution which is an automated bitcoin trading software application that executes the trade autonomously yielding good returns to the traders.

    Richard Sherman is the popular NFL quarterback who stepped into the crypto space in spite of being warned not to. Since then he has grown into one of the biggest supporters of this new blockchain movement; he has accordingly invested in many crypto coins, apart from Bitcoins. Sherman is the proud owner of BTC, Ethereum, and Litecoin which he considers to be the simple mainstream assets. He had started to invest in Bitcoins when his fans expressed their wish to buy merchandise from his site using these coins. But instead of keeping these he had converted them into USD. Sherman is the spokesperson for Cobinhood which is a crypto exchange that allows trading without charges.

    Nas is an American hip-hop artist cum rapper who had invested $25 million together with Aymen Saleh, his manager, in the crypto exchange Coinbase. He also sponsored 500 startups which backs many Bitcoin-driven businesses in the Silicon Valley, and put his money on 40 start-ups. Nas believes that Bitcoin is the future and expresses his wish to make further investments in the crypto space and blockchain.

    Mike Tyson: This world famous boxer had contributed to the marketing and development of the Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM. This allows you to exchange fiat currency into BTC in a matter of seconds. The ATMs were set up first at the Las Vegas LINQ Hotel & Casino. His interest in Bitcoins was not simply limited to the ATMs; he partnered with Bitcoin Direct for launching a digital wallet designed for mobile devices. With this wallet you can buy, sell, and store BTC through Glidera exchange platform.

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. was involved with the crypto market for many years, promoting several ICOs like the Hubii Network, Stox, and Centra. He therefore faced some problems with American regulatory agencies, primarily the SEC. As a result, he had to repay $300,000 that he had received and a penalty. So although Mayweather may have joined the Bitcoin race ahead of others, his investments did not go as planned.

    Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have been investing in BTC ever since 2013. These twins had become the first Bitcoin billionaires having bought approximately $11 million worth of BTC. Bitcoins have grown substantially ever since that time. These twins were known for having sued Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their Facebook idea. They jointly own the crypto exchange Gemini which has helped many Americans to buy Bitcoins and other digital currencies.

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