Celebrities Who Have Turned To Psychics for Career / Personal Life

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    Did you ever think that a celebrity who has already earned enough fame and fortune would actually need to pay a visit to a psychic? The truth is celebrities are actually known to be turning to psychics more often than not, just like any normal person would. Even a celebrity needs career advice and relationship advice.

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    Can you believe that people who you see on the cover of glossy magazines trust psychics to foretell their futures? No matter how wealthy or popular they may be, they still want psychic predictions and advice on whether they should trade with Bitcoin robots, whether they will turn into Bitcoin billionaires, and how to handle relationships. They contact psychics to reach out to people who they may have loved and lost. No surprises then why movie stars, CEOs and producers are seen flocking to psychics to get both personal and career advice. Here are some well-known celebrities who have contacted psychics at some point of time in their lives:

    • Brad Pitt: It is a known fact that Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood's biggest names, used to visit a popular psychic on various occasions. The reason for these visits is not known, but it can be assumed that they were for betterment of his career, to make sure he stayed ahead of his competitors in the race for stardom, and perhaps to resolve the complexities in his love life. It is believed that he owes most of his major life and career decisions to a certain Ron Bard, a celebrated psychic for many Hollywood stars. In general, love psychics can be of solace to someone who feels almost lost in love life and they also describe the chemistry between their client and his or her lover.
    • Sarah Jessica Parker: It is said that this Hollywood actress had paid a visit to a certain psychic before she consented to be a part of the sequel to the blockbuster movie Sex and the City.
    • Angelina Jolie: Angelina Jolie is also said to have visited a psychic medium for the purpose of contacting her mother who had died.
    • Cameron Diaz falls in the list of Hollywood actors to have visited a psychic to find out apparently when she would meet the love of her life.
    • Jenny McCarthy had revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that she had visited psychic mediums multiple times. Her pick would be Thomas John known for having predicted the US terrorist attack; he is said to be a highly sought-after consultant psychic with a six-month long waiting list.
    • Chelsea Handler: This witty comedian is rumored to be visiting psychics every now and then to get advice about her career and romance. She even invited a psychic Van Praagh on her show during which he had helped her to make contact with her deceased mother.
    • Jennifer Lopez: The media has frequently reported that Jennifer Lopez had visited psychics on multiple occasions. It is rumored that this Hollywood singer, actress, and entrepreneur, has visited a psychic before every major milestone in her life, whether it is a music album, a movie, or even her wedding that she ended up cancelling.
    • George Clooney has reportedly visited a psychic to help him handle his grief after the passing away of his pet pig Max.

    With the press, social media, and paparazzi constantly stalking and hounding these stars, they have been forced to lead isolated lives in the process. They fear invasion into their personal lives, and prefer to stay isolated, and this is one of the reasons why they find confiding in a psychic more healing.

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