Chinese Superstar Jay Chou's Gambling Habits

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    Gambling is a fun activity that is played by many celebrities. It makes perfect sense that just like ordinary people, some of the most famous people in the world want to test their luck and roll the dice occasionally.

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    While some like to do casual sports betting, others prefer online casino games like blackjack, roulette, poker, and more. One celebrity who loves to gamble is the Chinese musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer Jay Chou.

    Jay Chou's Legendary Losses

    There aren't many sources about Jay Chou being a fan of online casino gambling. However, what we know for sure is that Chou likes the concept of a casino. While his wins are not that regularly documented, his losses are.

    Chou's Try At The Venetian At Macau In 2008

    As a famous singer, Chou had a world tour concert to the Venetian at Macau in 2008. However, he split his focus between singing and playing cards. Chou was spotted trying his hand at blackjack back then but lost HK$20,000 and laughed, saying that it was the pocket money his mother gave him to experience the atmosphere there. The interesting thing was that his performance at the Venetian attracted 130,00 fans who sang his songs together in a wonderful event and one of the best concerts he ever had.

    $2 Million Spent In A Casino Singapore

    Another viral story about Jay Chou is the one where he lost nearly $2 million in a casino in Singapore. On top of this, the singer added a big tip and asked for "aunty" croupiers to serve him, possibly to avoid talk that may surface if the croupiers were young and pretty. Many fans reacted to this story and said that he should consider taking a break from the casinos after such a horrifying loss like this one. Others said that he should maybe try online casino gambling so that he remains anonymous.

    $1 Million At The Bellagio (Las Vegas)

    As Chou said in an interview, he has been to casinos, but the media has exaggerated the amount of money that he lost. When filming "The Green Hornet", he was rumored to have lost $1 million, which his manager denied and said was nonsense.

    What's interesting is that ever since completing the "Curse of the Golden Flower", Chou said that he wanted to check if his luck has gotten better. He often checks into casinos and plays a little to see if his luck is that great.

    Worth a cool $115 million, the losses documented by the media will probably not seriously affect Jay Chou's fortune. However, he is among the celebrities who love gambling. Even though he did not give a lot of statements regarding his gambling habits, we could tell that Chou was thinking about choosing an online casino such as gclub after so many infamous losses.

    As he said in another interview, Chou only plays when he is free on the weekends and after he finishes working, to calm himself down and relax a bit.

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