Real Housewives of Orange County Loses Star Tamra

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    By Partner EditorialsFeb 25, 2020, 8:49 am488 pts

    The Real Housewives of Orange County is a very popular show on Bravo, and many viewers have spent years following the drama and excitement on the screen. However, the show has now lost one of its biggest and most popular stars in the form of Tamra Judge, who has decided to quit the show and pursue other things.

    In a recent Instagram post, Tamra posted a snap of herself with her husband, Eddie, where they both look happy with big smiles on their faces. The post also announced her decision to leave, and Tamra sounded very excited about the future as she posted details of her decision to leave. While many viewed will be gutted, Tamra has other plans, as she has launched her own business, Vena Wellness CBD, where consumers can purchase Vena CBD oil products.

    Why Has She Left?

    Of course, one of the questions people will be asking is why Tamra decided to quit the show and move on with her life. Well, in her post, the star said that she has had 12 exciting years on the show, and she thinks that it is now time to move on and explore other things, which she is already doing with her CBD venture.

    However, there have also been some issues that have had an impact on Tamra's life over recent years, and these may have helped her to reach this decision. She has experienced some problems with her family life, and she also had her husband, Eddie's, health to think about. On top of this, there were some rumors that surfaced, and some accusations were made on camera, which resulted in Kelly Dodd offering to be a character witness in a defamation case against Tamra.

    A New and Exciting Start for Tamra

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    While Tamra will be missed by viewers and it will be a strange experience for her to not be part of the show any longer, it appears that she is looking forward to her new start. She sounded bright and jovial with her posts on Instagram, and even the head of Bravo TV, Andy Cohen, commented on social media following her announcement that she was leaving.

    Cohen said that Tamra had given viewers a huge amount of entertainment over the years, describing her as exciting, dramatic, and fun. He also said that she was full of surprises and described her as the new ‘Queen of CBD' because of her new venture.

    Tamra, who is a bodybuilder, has dedicated many years of her life to the show, and this will make her exit from the show all the more noticeable for viewers. However, unlike some other long-term members of the show, she was never downgraded to friend states, which means she get to leave the show in her prime. Her new business and pursuits will also ensure that Tamra has plenty to keep her busy and fill her days now that her stint as one of the Real Housewives of Orange County is over.

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