6 Adult Actors Who Played High School Students

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    It is interesting to know that a lot of high school students in movies are actually played by older actors and actresses. This can be a variety of reasons. For example, they might be perfect for the role, having great acting experience or be famous to give the movie a reputation when it is released. Let's take a look at six actors who play high school students in recent movies and popular television series.

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    Shay Mitchell

    Pretty Little Liars is a famous mystery television series, which starred a group of high school girls. When their friend disappears, everything starts to go wrong, with secrets spreading around the town. It is a series that is based on the book, which you may study in school due to its interesting imagery and storytelling. You could even use it as an idea to write one of your assignments. If you are struggling with other tasks then go looking to buy assignment and get writing help online. Shay Mitchell took on the role of Emily Fields, one of the main characters. She attended high school throughout the television series, playing Emily from when she was 16 years old. Shay Mitchell was actually 30 years old during the series. She dressed and acted like she was in high school, which made the part very believable.

    Shirley Henderson

    While perhaps an unknown actress before these films, Shirley Henderson soon became famous. She starred as Moaning Myrtle the Happy Potter films, playing a young schoolgirl. She was 37 years old when the movies were being shot, which was the oldest actor to play a teenager in the movie franchise. Indeed, she does look young and played the ghost in the girls' bathroom very well.

    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio has played many different characters in his time. With a diverse career, he has also taken on teenage roles in movies. This includes playing a 16-year-old in the movie Catch Me If You Can. He played the role of Franke Abagnale and he was actually 28 years old at the time. Of course, he was cast in the movie because of his great acting and played the character well.

    Ashleigh Murray

    Riverdale has become a popular television series that is based on Archie Comics. These are stories that you can buy assignment online if you are studying them. The television series is based around a group of high school students, with murder mysteries and thrilling stories. One of the characters is played by Ashleigh Murray. Her character is in high school and is called Josie, who is a member of a band called Josie & the Pussycats. Despite playing a teenager, Ashleigh Murray was actually 30 when they were filming. She was cast for her great acting and amazing singing voice on the show.

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    Andrew Garfield

    One of the oldest actors who played a teenage character is Andrew Garfield. He became Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man, which is a popular story that students study in college and buy assignment on. Andrew Garfield played Peter Parker, who was an outcast high school student before he became a spider man. This movie was released in 2012 and at the time of filming, Andrew Garfield was actually 28 years old.

    Carey Mulligan

    Last but not least is Carey Mulligan. She is an experienced actress that took on the role of Daisy Buchanan in the Great Gatsby. She is the main character in the movie, which was based on a famous book. If you are studying the novel, you can buy assignments online UK. Carey Mulligan played Daisy Buchanan when she was 28 years old. But her character was actually supposed to be 17 years old.

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