Open relationship - To Be Together, But To Stay Free

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    By Partner EditorialsJan 2, 2020, 12:52 pm622 pts

    There are many talks about free relationship more often, some zealously support, while others shout - this is impossible. And how many of those who support can calmly accept a romantic relationship of a partner somewhere else?

    There are open and uncompleted people, for example San Francisco swingers, who easily accept such a relationship model. But for majority it's difficult, sometimes even impossible, for some couples to imagine this - indestructible jealousy overtakes. Or, who of the convicts can argue that he never had sympathy for someone else, never fell in love, being in a relationship. And someone could cheat, and because of this, also shamelessly lie.

    So it turns out that some are cheating, while others are fools - some are furiously jealous, others are drowning in lies. However, jealousy and falsehood as a starting point, if taken seriously, are mistrust and disrespect for your partner. But wait, is that love? Love is first of all respect, and only then, as a result, mutual responsibilities, care and trust.


    What is an a relationship

    First of all, let's dispel the fog around an open relationship. It is an alliance between two people in which both want to be together, but also want or do not deny the possibility of a romantic relationship with other partners. This union is built exclusively by mutual agreement, in which everyone has the same rights and agreed upon it in advance. It should also be noted that both partners and lovers in such a relationship can be of any orientation.

    Love and amorousness are different phenomena, they are fundamentally opposite in nature. Amorousness is momentary, it is frivolous, it is based on passion. Love, when it is genuine, conscious, does not necessarily embody an intimate, romantic and emotional relationship. Love often, but not necessarily, begins with amorousness. But not always amorousness grows into love. Accepting this difference as a point in the coordinate system of any relationship, we can conclude that an open relationship is an opportunity to maintain a union of partners with a momentary enthusiasm, affair.

    Polyamory and an open relationship are different concepts, do not confuse them. Indeed, polyamory implies the absence of a single design, a couple - there are always more than two partners, each lover is equal. But in an open relationship or in an open marriage, there is a union - a couple who has meetings with other partners or uses threesome websites.

    Promiscuity and an open relationship. Some people, through their ignorance, may confuse promiscuity - promiscuous intimacy with an open relationship or an open marriage. And this is fundamentally wrong: promiscuity does not have any single restrictions or rules in terms of intimate life, while an open relationship is built solely on agreed norms and taboos. Anyway, promiscuity is exclusively about the intimate issue, and an open relationship is not only about it, but also about flirting, and emotional closeness.

    As you already understood, an open relationship has only one rule - all conditions, norms and taboos are negotiated by partners in their own way, but honesty. Therefore, there're no uniform canons for all people. To formulate everything succinctly and clearly, you need to spend time and meticulously discuss all the subtleties.

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