Beware the Friend Zone: How not to Get in It?

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    These days, the world is different from what was acceptable a dozen years ago. Most approaches to how a person should look like, behave, and interact with the world around have changed. Everyone is free to make own choices in every field of life.

    Undoubtedly, that is a very good sign of contemporary society. One may still pursue common happiness with a classmate, the other one is searching for happiness with one of the Russian brides he has got to know on a dating platform. The list of choices is endless, however, there are still old-school people who are trying to date a mate from school or college. When you know a person for some time, it is not always easy to let this person percept you as a potential partner.

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    How to Avoid the Zone of Friendship?

    This matter refers to both men and women. Why does this happen? You interact with a person you like and think that your relations develop at a smooth pace, however, he/she misunderstands your true emotions. Here are a couple of tips:

    1. Be straightforward and confess about your feelings. This is the most essential recommendation, though, not doable for many people who have found themselves in a friend zone. In the latter case, it is sometimes hard to persuade the other person in the sincerity of these feelings. Besides, one may be too shy for this confession, hence, consider the next option.
    2. Stop being that pal who is always around and ready to help. It does not mean that you are supposed to leave the person you like alone. However, there can be situations that he/she may handle on one's own. Apologize and tell him/her that you are busy.
    3. Become an interesting person for other people. Quite often, those who find themselves in a friend zone are too shy and have a limited circle of acquaintances. Try team sports or a hobby that involves communication with people who share the same preferences. In such a way, you will master the skills of communication that will facilitate your interaction with the person of your dreams.

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    1. Dare to invite him/her on a real date. It is important to make it clear that it is going to be a date, not a get together with a friend that you have planned. Nowadays, it is acceptable to message making it easier for you if you are too timid to invite him.her in person.

    The happiness of every person is contingent on the decisions and actions of this person. If you find yourself in a friend zone, try to analyze the situation and discover your flaws so that to avoid them in the future. To be happy and satisfied with life, one should be brave enough. Invite a person you like on a date, sign up on a dating website, ask your partner to move in together or propose. Quite often, people lose each other because some words have not been said. Avoid these mistakes.

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