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    When it comes to style, there are only a few celebrities who can turn heads like Ariana Grande. The 26-year-old "Thank U, Next" singer is having one of the biggest years of her career and on top of that, has cemented her status as one of the biggest fashion icons in the world today. Taking some fashion inspiration from Ariana is always a great idea that can certainly help you elevate your own look. Below, we cover three of our favorite Ariana Grande styles that you need to integrate into your wardrobe ASAP.

    Over-the-Knee Boots

    bootsThere's no question that somewhere near the list of Ariana Grande's favorite outfits is a suede pair of over-the-knee boots with an oversized top. Contrary to the popular belief that OTK boots are reserved for taller women, Ariana has proven that petite women can pull off the look just as well. As far as colors for these boots, Ariana's favorites include black as well as a neutral taupe shade. Lastly, not only do these boots look great with an oversized top, but they also work extremely well with a cocktail dress or even a pair of skinny jeans together with a chic top.


    While pearls are sometimes thought of as a more traditional gemstone, Ariana Grande has shown us that the gemstones can also be used to complement outfits that are modern, innovative, and full of flair. Just this past year, Ariana has been photographed numerous times wearing different pieces of pearl jewelry and accessories including a double-strand pearl necklace, a classic pair of pearl studs, pink pearl earrings, and different pearl headbands. It

    seems among all of these, her favorite piece is her pearl ring which is not only elegant, but also very meaningful-especially considering it was given to her by her grandmother. Use these gemstones to add a subtle touch of class and elegance to any of your outfits.

    Matching Sets

    arianna grande

    From all of the trends that Ariana Grande has helped jumpstart this past year, one of the most popular is her trademark matching sets that feature all sorts of fun colors, patterns, and textures. Whether it's coordinating a miniskirt with a crop top or a pants and jacket combination, Ariana has undoubtedly perfected this look. During her headlining set Coachella this year, which was streamed by millions of people across the globe, she wore the boldest version of this style we've seen thus far-a glittering crop-top along with a matching flared skirt and knee-high boots. Find a set that features a pattern that truly resonates with you, your style, and personality to get the most out of this look.

    Whether it's running errands around town, a night out with the girls, or a special occasion with your better half, these styles will help you look great and feel even better! With just a little bit of creativity, you can draw inspiration from these Ariana Grande styles and integrate them into your own wardrobe to take your look to the next level.

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