Top 7 Of The Main Anti-trends Of This Summer

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    The summer season of 2019 brought many new products, new things burst into fashion as well (bags plus size maximum), and well forgotten old ones (for example, accessories in the shape of shells). But in order to look stylish and fashionable, you should know about the list of trends that have irrevocably gone with the last season!

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    7 Main Anti-trends Of The Summer Of 2019

    However, among the anti-trends there are things that have been particularly loved by many fashionistas. We will tell about them in more detail.

    • Leather biker jacket

    Today, leather jacket has become an integral part of the wardrobe for every woman of fashion. However, some stylists advise to replace leather with denim. A denim jacket will look more advantageous in a spring-summer look and will give it lightness and charm.

    dress wear trends 2019

    • Massive logos

    Increasingly, we hear that flashy logos of famous brands on clothes are not in trend. Inscriptions remain relevant, but they should be simple and low-key.

    • Skinny jeans

    These jeans, according to stylists, look beautiful only on girls with model parameters. Girls with other shapes should pay their attention to other models that can hide flaws and emphasize advantages. For example, flared, culottes, mom-jeans.

    • Cut-offs

    dress wear trends 2019

    In the summer of 2019 it is no longer fashionable to wear cut-offs. They were replaced by knee-length yoga pants and Bermuda shorts. Moreover, the variety of knee shorts in 2019 is very wide and there is something to choose from.

    • Round Toe Flats

    Ballet flats have easily and firmly embedded in the wardrobe of every girl. However, in 2019 they were replaced by cute mules and sandals with a thin strap on a low heel. And ballet flats are suitable only for owners of long, slender legs. In another embodiment, ballet flats will make the leg shorter, but few people want this.

    • Cat Eye Sunglasses (Cat's Eye)

    In 2019, you should give preference to glasses with wide glass, for example: square or octagonal. They fit almost any type of face and the level of eye protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation is much higher.

    • Accessories of the same type

    The main trend of this season in jewelry is asymmetry. You can try to combine jewelry of gold and silver, or bijouterie and natural materials in one look. Such a mix will be interesting and will be able to add a fresh, interesting touch to any look.

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