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Made Famous for Being Stupid: Not Exclusively American Thing

  • By Staff Jan 22, 2018, 3:30 am88.1k pts

    With thousands of reality TV-shows where people make their way to stardom by showing how stupid they are, we tend to believe that rising to fame thanks to own stupidity is an exclusively American thing. But this theory turns out to be absolutely false, as one Ukrainian woman managed to build a political career on her stupidity. The story of Natalia Poklonskaya shows how you can become a sex symbol and the most searched-for politician on the internet in both Ukraine and Russia by simply being stupid or even crazy.

    It often seems that Russians are fond of ridiculously stupid people, and Poklonskaya proves it. For twelve years Poklonskaya was nothing more than assistant of district attorney in Crimea. But after the Russian annexation of Crimea, Poklonskaya was appointed Prosecutor General of Crimea thanks to her public speeches about how awful the life in Europe is, and also for her deep love for Tsar Nicholas II. You wonder what Tsar has to do with that? Well, if you have no knowledge of the history of Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, Tsar Nicholas II was the last monarch of Russian Empire. Following the February Revolution of 1917, he had abdicated, after which he and his family were executed by Bolsheviks. Well, that's how the history knows it, but Poklonskaya has a different point of view. At one point she states that Tsar Nicholas II has died for the sake of Russia, while at another point she states that she believes that his death was due to Jewish ritual murders of Christians.

    Apparently in Russia the more ridiculous the conspiracy theories you come up with, the bigger your chances to get a promotion, as after saying all that Poklonskaya became the Deputy of the State Duma of Russia. And that wasn't the end of her story, as 2017 saw the release of the film "Matilda", which focuses on the romantic relationship between Poklonskaya beloved Tsar Nicholas II and Russian ballerina of Polish origin Mathilde Kschessinskaya. To Poklonskaya, Tsar Nicholas II couldn't have any relationships except with his wife. Although the romance between Nicholas II and Kchessinskaya took place before his marriage with Alexandra Fedorova, it didn't prevent Natalia Poklonskaya from attempts to block the movie. To her, the movie tried to tarnish the image of the Tsar Nicholas II, who is considered to be a martyr by the Russian Orthodox Church. The movie is actually that bad, that if not for Poklonskaya trying to block it, nobody would have gone watching it.

    So, if you want to be popular despite having zero talents, go to Russia. There try distorting historical facts in your public speeches, blocking movies' screenings instead of doing something useful, and you have all the chances to become the 4th most searched-for person in Russia.