Pushing Boundaries in Movies and Bingo

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    As fans of many types of entertainment, we tend to lean towards specific genres or subgenres. This is only natural, as time and experience help us narrow down what we like so we get the best rewards from our limited free time. Such behaviour can also be problematic, however, in that it can pigeonhole us and create situations where otherwise enjoyable releases will pass us by unnoticed.

    We've personally encountered this recently, where some time at home led us down some exploratory ventures in our hobbies of watching movies and playing bingo slots. These might seem too different to be relatable, but after some involvement with Netflix, autoplay, a lost remote, and stubbornness, we found that there are components in exploration between these realms, and many others, which can be shared.

    The Changing You

    One of the most important elements to consider when engaging with any form of entertainment is that, as people, our tastes aren't stagnant. As we grow and evolve our tastes grow and evolve along with us, but these changes can be subtle and might occur in ways that we don't fully appreciate.

    A consistent hurdle in this world is often born from our long-term enjoyment of one specific type of entertainment, in this instance that of a movie or single bingo slot game. For example, if we initially love an individual movie or bingo slot, we can hold onto this illustration as a paragon of our greater attitudes. We believe that if we still love the original, we must still love those like the original, but the reality is rarely so simple.

    hitchcock graffiti

    "Hitchcock graffiti" (CC BY 2.0) by Matt From London

    Instead, our tastes can develop down different paths, perhaps influenced by those that came before, but ending up in very different places. For example, there was a time when many of us found ourselves solely in the action or horror camps for movies. Over time, our interests broadened, and might now reach areas as disparate as romantic comedies and historical dramas.

    We discovered similar revelations within our time playing bingo slot online games. While we've long been fans of the more serious Paddy Power Gold, with some experimentation we also found more thematic games like Ave Caesar and Temple of Iris to be equally enjoyable. This is despite having tried them years ago and having bounced off. In both these slots and with movies, our palettes changed without our cognisance, and only with direct exposure were the benefits of new opportunities revealed.

    A Developing World

    The other side of this equation comes from how these forms of entertainment develop on an infrastructural level. Which each passing year, evolution occurs in and around entertainment systems just as it does within ourselves. Often, as is the case with the movie and slots examples, these developments can bring them closer to personal ideals.

    For movies, this is typically illustrated through the developing language of films' characters and worlds, and how this can increasingly reflect our own. We might have difficulty relating to a film like You've Got Mail because of how outdated it is, but more recent romantic comedies, which operate with the understanding of social media, can be much easier to identify with.

    For bingo slots, these developments are more often tied into the surrounding support and systems. We've personally always been big fans of play when out and about, and this was never possible with PCs. With mobile internet connections and smartphones, however, this entire landscape has become infinitely more user-friendly.

    screencap: invaders from mars

    "Tiki Bijou : Invaders From Mars : 1953 :" (CC BY 2.0) by Howdy, I'm H. Michael Karshis

    Whether looking at the personal or structural state of any type of media, widening your horizons is simply a matter of understanding the inevitability of evolution. Some things we love, whether they be movies, bingo games, or anything else, will always remain close to our hearts. Open yourself up to new avenues, even if they run against your preconceived notions, and you might find another lifetime passion. We'd all love to experience our favourite thing for the first time again, and this way, you might get to.

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