Celebrity Success in the Gaming World

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    The cult of celebrity has shifted somewhat in the last twenty years. Once the fate of celebrity was decided by the tabloids and magazines, who held the keys to stardom in their gossip pages. Access to our favourite stars was restricted to buying magazines, and the celebrity was still the product.

    With the rise of social media, celebrities have been able to take charge of their own image, getting closer to their fans than ever before and becoming media moguls in their own right. This shift has allowed celebrities to make more money than ever before from their brand and diversify into products such as tech and gaming.

    Celebrity gaming has become big business in the last few years. Many of the world's biggest stars have released games that allow fans to get a closer glimpse into their glamorous lives and live vicariously through their favourite stars. From Kim Kardashian to famous jockey Peter Scudamore, it seems that there is a celebrity game for everyone.

    Golf fans will be familiar with Tiger Woods: PGA Tour, which has been running in several iterations since 1990. According to Forbes, Woods' brand is estimated to be around $70 million, with much of that coming from his video game endorsements, bolstered by his win at the 82nd Masters tournament in 2019, which has called for a fresh release of his PGA series. Many expect Woods to announce his retirement given a long history of knee injuries. Although retirement might spell the beginning of a golf career for some, it could be the start of a new track for the golfing legend.

    It is thought that if Woods retires from golf, he may become a pundit, which may see his stocks rise even further. When champion jockey Peter Scudamore retired from racing, he turned his hand to a media career, firstly becoming a pundit for BBC and later writing a column for the Daily Mail. He too has loaned his name to a game, with Paddy Power offering Scudamore's Super Stakes, a slot game which combines the thrill of horse racing with the fast pace of a slot game. Scudamore's Super Stakes has remained a popular entry into the competitive world of iGaming, with Paddy Power being one of many places where you can play new exclusive slot games on both mobile and desktop.

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    Away from sports, reality television star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian has made a fortune from her gaming app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, in which fans must create an aspiring celebrity and climb the ladder to an A-List life. Players go for lunch with pals and even visit big casino openings; events which fans will be familiar with from watching seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The 'rise to fame format' of Kardashian's game has influenced a number of other celebrities including Demi Lovato and Katy Perry, who have released their own versions of fame games, much to the delight of their fans. These apps allow celebrities such as Kardashian and Perry to build other products into the games such as clothing lines and music releases, so that their brand is front and centre.

    Celebrity gaming apps appear to be a big market and allow celebrities to diversify their streams of income. Fans are used to having access to their favourite stars and gaming is another way to create a lasting connection which can build brand awareness. With the app industry showing no sign of slowing down, and celebrity influence as strong as ever it is no wonder that gaming is big business for our biggest stars.

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