• Sara Jean Underwood Post-Feminism

    1h By Lex
    After a long hard day there's no better way to relax than with a long slow pull of female objectification. It's like drinking, but you can drive yourself home safely even after an hour of pounding. read more
  • Knott's Berry Farm Badgered Into Shutting Down It's Crazy

    2h By Lex
    Knott's Berry Farm used to be a Berry Farm. Don't ask me how I know that. A few light rides were enough to drive ticket sales many decades ago. Now they have fiery fast roller coasters and gang banging to go with the fruit preserves. read more
  • Gisele Bundchen Vacations In A Thong Bikini And Shit Around The Web

    2h By Michael Garcia
    Gisele Bundchen let's us see that thong in Italy. She's never been a crazy attractive woman but she perfected how to be anorexic without looking sickly. That's a breakthrough in the objectification of women sciences. read more
  • Kerrie McMahon Topless Plan Isn't Working Peachy

    3h By Lex
    Kerrie McMahon is that Irish born model who came to the U.S. and immediately complained about how aggressive the men are. Including guys who are now stalking her. If her plan was to counter horny loons with tons of barely covered titty modeling shots, it's not…
  • Chelsea Clinton Cosmo Puff Piece Promotes Rape Culture

    12:14pm By Lex
    Every Presidential candidate as their go-to ball licking media outlets. The Clintons have Hearst and their New York women's magazines in the pocket. Daughter Chelsea was scheduled up with a softball spread about her mom in Cosmopolitan but became…
  • Rob Kardashian Had Romantic Feelings For His Sister

    11:19am By Lex
    Nobody sinks with class anymore. Playboy magazine, defeated politicians, The Cleveland Browns. Add to that list Still Fat Rob Kardashian who at or around thirty with ten years of protesting his family's lewd on-camera business behind him, has now sunk his…
  • Playboy Magazine Lost in the Wilderness

    10:39am By Lex
    Playboy magazine was doomed long before they made the commercial decision to nix nudity from their nudie magazine. They're the railroad in an era of air travel. Turn your cabin cars into cargo haulers and pray for healthy government subsidies. read more
  • Vicki Gunvalson Starts Incorruptible Charity

    9:35am By Matt Ralston
    If your ex boyfriend lied about having lymphoma and forged documents to prove it, there are a few things you're just not supposed to do. Starting a cancer charity may be first on the list. Also, associating yourself with in any way with cancer or talking ever…
  • Miley Cyrus Pay Gapped

    8:54am By Matt Ralston
    Miley Cyrus did a lengthy interview with Elle discussing many topics. Central of which, how she prepares to be on The Voice, which mostly entails getting high and annoying the contestants on single cam. read more
  • Amber Heard Broke-Ass

    Wed 2:03pm By Lex
    When your buddy who sells magazine subscriptions after waking up midday in a stony haze informs you he's broke, you don't need to ask any followups. Amber Heard's earned somewhere around the ten million plus mark in her film and modeling career. When she says…
  • Sarah Duque Lovisoni Is Boning Nick Jonas And Other Blessings Of The Internet

    Wed 2:00pm By Michael Garcia
    Nick Jonas' new beard Sarah Duque Lovisoni is seriously hot. If you're going to prove to the world you're not gay, no better way than with a smoking hot model on your arm daily. What happens nightly is none of your business, America. read more
  • Vitalli Sediuk Strikes Kim Kardashian's Ass With His Lips

    Wed 1:21pm By Lex
    Ukrainian prankster slash physically assaultive douchebag in an ironic hat, Vitali Sediuk, struck the ass of Kim Kardashian with his bare lips during her visit to Paris today. The lack of use of a dental dam or other prophylactic could be used in court as an…