• America’s Favorite Ginger The New IT Girl

    2:15pm By Elliot Wolf
    The film industry ran out of ideas a while ago and modern movies look more like two hour advertisements than actual entertainment. No need for fresh ideas or faces when you can put Jessica Chastain in a part 2 with Pennywise. Why work on anything new when you…
  • Jennifer Lawrence Talks Dropping Out Of Middle School

    9:15am By Sam Robeson
    The best and only good advice I got from any teacher in school was  “You can be inspired by celebrities, but take their advice and politics with a grain of salt because many of them didn’t graduate high school.” But as of today I know that my teacher…
  • Open Post: What Should Happen To Nikolas Cruz?

    Sat 12:15pm By Sam Robeson
    Nikolas Cruz is one of the few mass shooters that didn’t get a chance / didn’t want to blow his own head off after murdering a bunch of people – giving us the rare opportunity to stop and think “What should be done to this little piece of shit?”…
  • Kylie Jenner Costing Snapchat Billions After Bad Review

    Sat 9:31am By Elliot Wolf
    I’m not the biggest fan of social media and Snapchat is my least favorite. There’s something about always sending friends and strangers your location and up-to-the-minute information about what you’re doing that comes off as attention seeking. Just not…
  • Sexiness at the BRIT Awards and Crap Around the Web

    Fri 5:45pm By Robert Paulsen
    Who'd you rather, Bond girls in Playboy, and more! The post Sexiness at the BRIT Awards and Crap Around the Web appeared first on WWTDD - What Would Tyler Durden Do?.
  • Blind Item: Celebrity Offspring Model Blind Drunk On The Runway

    Fri 4:15pm By Sam Robeson
    "To say this designer was ticked, would be an understatement. It was only when the very rich father of this celebrity offspring offered to invest $100K with the designer that the designer allowed the offspring to walk the runway. The offspring was wasted out…
  • Bella Thorne Sticky Again

    Fri 3:15pm By Sam Robeson
    It seems like just yesterday we were looking at a probably in danger but miraculously put together Bella Thorne twirling around in front of her old predator boyfriend on Instagram, but now she’s back to looking like a strung-out addict that Jesse Pinkman…
  • Louisville Men’s Basketball Title Stripped Thanks To Strippers

    Fri 2:15pm By Elliot Wolf
    Boys can never just be boys when they’re in the presence of girls. Especially when these girls are professional flashers paid to take their clothes off in university locker rooms. Somehow the NCAA has deemed that sexual favors and lap dances provided by…
  • Terry Crews Feels Terrible About Still Paying Man Who Touched Him

    Fri 1:15pm By Elliot Wolf
    I’m still trying to find the part where I care about this entire Terry Crews fiasco. Terry’s body is built like the same mythological man in prison that serial sodomizes all of the new inmates that look like they won’t survive in lock up. His name is…
  • A Very Very Very Fat Demi Lovato Deletes Fat Picture

    Fri 12:15pm By Sam Robeson
    Cue the National Geographic music, because you’re about to be taken on a wild safari adventure full of surprises and even some thrills thanks to this deleted Instagram picture of Demi Lovato. She appears to be a dead ringer for an elephant that just ate…