• Where To See T&A&Vag From This Weekend’s Stars

    12:15pm By Sam Robeson
    Anyone wanting to see hot nude dinosaurs know where to go this weekend, but if you’re less adventurous, you can see Canadian chick Anastasia Phillips’s boobs in Ghostland. Kind of knockoff Giselle, Elettra Capuano, strips down for A Taste of Phobia, and…
  • Gigi Hadid’s Boy Toy Is Not Met Gala Material

    9:30am By Elliot Wolf
    Remember that guy from school that would hook up with the one chick everybody has been with and try to hide the fact that he agreed to be in a relationship with her? That’s Zayn Malik. The world knows Gigi Hadid gets around and Zayn is doing his best to get…
  • Blind Item: “Suicided” Actor Killed By Other Actors Who Raped Foreign Teens

    Sat 12:15pm By Sam Robeson
    "There have been a lot of suspicious suicides of celebrities as of late, but there was a first that started this whole thing over a decade ago. A film was being made overseas and several of the actors in this movie that was supposed to be a big box office hit…
  • Ayesha Curry’s Unopened Restaurant Attacked On Yelp

    Sat 8:30am By Elliot Wolf
    Houston is possibly the most boring city in Texas. There’s more to do in Dallas, and Austin is more interesting by accident than Houston could ever be on purpose. But that didn’t stop Ayesha Curry from opening up a BBQ establishment in H-Town. Ayesha is…
  • Lindsey Pelas Casts a Spellas and Crap Around the Web

    Fri 5:45pm By Robert Paulsen
    Rounding out your week, we've got some sexy links including Dua Lipa flashing lip, Zoey Deutch grabbing herself, and a look at the twisted sexuality of Paul Schrader's films!…
  • Now You: What Podcast Should Everyone Try Out?

    Fri 4:15pm By Sam Robeson
      98% of people who create podcasts make it onto God’s Pearly Gates bouncer’s “no entry” list before the first episode finishes, but every once in a while a podcast comes along that’s pretty awesome. And, if you’re like most people, you want to…
  • Ariel Winter’s Huge Sloppy Tits Are Still Alive

    Fri 3:15pm By Sam Robeson
      Thanks to a reader request, I remembered that Ariel Winter is still alive and is still a big sloppy dump truck with big sloppy tits, so, here we are. Being obviously momentarily delusional after witnessing the overwhelming beauty of AIDS under a microscope…
  • Suicide Is A Hard Sell

    Fri 1:15pm By Elliot Wolf
    Some people are superstitious. And to those people a house where a famous singer committed suicide means there’s probably still some bad juju floating around. Or the vengeful ghost of Chester Bennington. Either way if you’re spending over $2 million…
  • Roseanne Reboot Spinoff Announced

    Fri 12:15pm By Sam Robeson
      While Roseanne Barr put the “cow” in the “cash cow” that was ABC’s highly successful Roseanne reboot, the network is moving on without her with their newly-announced spinoff series The Connors. Roseanne’s sleep aid usage led to multiple…
  • Mr. Skin Minute: The Best Nude Scenes of 2018, So Far (VIDEO)

    Fri 11:45am By Robert Paulsen
    This week's Mr. Skin Minute is all about the best of the breasts! The post Mr. Skin Minute: The Best Nude Scenes of 2018, So Far (VIDEO) appeared first on WWTDD - What Would Tyler Durden Do?.