• Sacre Blu! Sophie Marceau Goes Topless And Shit Around The Web

    Thu 2:00pm By Michael Garcia
    French hottie Sophie Marceau takes off her top once more. If you like the bare breasts of fifty year old women, this is your zinger. Also, we can be friends. read more
  • Fiona Apple's Trump Protest Chant Certain to Catch On (AUDIO)

    Thu 1:39pm By Lex
    Everybody is doing their part to stop this monster Trump. Minus all the people who voted him into office obviously. Or the tons of other people who mostly don't give a shit. read more
  • Girl Scouts Feeling the Inauguration Hate

    Thu 12:55pm By Lex
    Girl Scouts used to be cute little she-devils who pushed poly-saturated cookies in front of the grocery store at the sharp end of a public shaming spear. Nobody could leave well enough alone. read more
  • Josh Gad Both Shaken and Sad (VIDEO)

    Thu 11:21am By Lex
    Hollywood is taking a brief diversion from Trump hysteria to collectively gasp over how a German Shepherd was forced into a "virtual river" for a blue-screen action shot for the movie, A Dog's Purpose. The video is gruesomely shocking, if you're a nine year…
  • Zuckerberg Going Full Haole

    Thu 10:15am By Lex
    It's easier for super rich people to be aggressive assholes 24x7. Secretly, everybody assumes you are. It's almost impossible to win with a gee-golly everyman front. Everyone will use it against you when you start suing tribal property owners in tropical lands…
  • Ciara Super Happy She Didn't Fuck Russell Wilson Before Marriage

    Thu 9:36am By Lex
    Ciara reflected on her up to a few months of sacred celibacy with Russell Wilson while he immersed himself in conversion therapy and wished upon every star in the sky. Known for relationships with 50 Cent, Bow Wow, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Future, the latter…
  • Trump Assassination Foiled By Twitter (VIDEO)

    Thu 9:09am By Matt Ralston
    Some guy named Dominic Puopolo tweeted a video in which he said he was going to travel to the inauguration and kill Donald Trump. At least somebody's excited to actually be attending. read more
  • Antonio Brown Apologizes (VIDEO)

    Wed 3:49pm By Matt Ralston
    Antonio Brown apologized for the Facebook Live video he streamed of coach Mike Tomlin's post game speech, in which he ironically told the team to "stay focused" and "keep a low profile." It turns out live streaming stuff in the locker room is against league…
  • Coco Austin Takes Her Tits To The Beach And Shit Around The Web

    Wed 2:00pm By Michael Garcia
    Coco Austin an her ginormous funbags hit the beach in a too small bikini. At some point makers of Atlas are going to name her a continent and school kids will have to update their textbooks. read more
  • Kardashian Reasons to Pen in Ocean's Eight

    Wed 12:45pm By Lex
    Hollywood's put women and Leslie Mann's gimp in charge of empowering women in film. Mostly they've come up with taking previously successful film franchises and rebooting them with female casts in the place of the original male cast. You give ideating a bad…
  • CJ Franco Has Got Some Skills

    Wed 12:15pm By Lex
    This is the twenty-something chick director Len Wiseman took to shtupping during the splitting up period from his wife, Kate Beckinsale. He previously dumped his then wife to hook up with Beckinsale who he directed on Underworld when the series was still worth…
  • Reza Farahan Fearful of Islamic Radicals

    Wed 11:29am By Lex
    Reza Farahan is the one mustached Persian dude Bravo casting found who would suck a dildo on camera and get wasted and talk excitedly about man ass which made him eminently cast worthy for Shahs of Sunset. read more