• Samantha Knezel Nuzzles Up and Crap Around the Web

    5:45pm By Robert Paulsen
    Today we've got Rosario Dawson's latest topless selfie, Rachel McAdams see-through at a premiere, and the Top Ten Nude Scenes from Broken Lizard Movies!…
  • Racism Is So Last Season According To Kim Zolciak

    5:15pm By Elliot Wolf
    Is racism a dated concept? Surely it must be gone by now because that’s what Kim Zolciak believes. Now that whatever fame she has is fizzling out she’s free to go full privileged white woman on a few females. She communicated her grievances to Andy Cohen…
  • Britney Spears Manic Kohl’s Fashion Show In Time For Spring

    4:15pm By Sam Robeson
    If any of you ladies out there were looking for the perfect spring outfit that tells people "I'm a dead-eyed zombie hooking at Easter brunch" then you're in luck, because Britney Spears is modeling that exact trend in her latest Insta manic Kohl's fashion…
  • Would You Hit It: Ariel Winter’s Ass Hanging Out Of Her Dress

    3:15pm By Sam Robeson
    For as much as Ariel Winter is a downer for me because she makes me think about the plight of whales, she is twenty-years-old, and does have a twenty-year-old’s ass. How will it look when it’s thirty? Surely scraped to death from being dragged on the…
  • Eminem Earned 10 Year Sobriety Token

    1:15pm By Elliot Wolf
    Eminem hasn’t made a notable single in quite some time and we now know why, sobriety. The same man who once threatened to gut his mother, baby mother, and homosexuals has cast aside his trailer park pill popping ways in order to make songs with Beyoncé and…
  • Open Post: Kanye Trump

    12:15pm By Sam Robeson
    Yesterday Kanye West found out that the easiest way to get national media coverage is to say that you're dragon energy brothers or whatever with the president, and now - with his signed Make America Great Again hat in tow - he's making conservatives…
  • Things That Will Make You Want To Die: People Lauding Ableist Headline Redaction

    11:15am By Sam Robeson
    Writer Rebecca Moore originally chose the headline "Teenager bound by wheelchair to enter in first Lego competition." This is obviously insanely offensive and should be what we focus all of our attention on right now. The kid wasn't slighted by God and Jesus…
  • Thandie Newton Snubbed From Time’s Up Nomination

    10:15am By Elliot Wolf
    Who’s honestly surprised that women bully other women? According to Thandie Newton, the Time’s Up movement totally forgot about intersectional feminism and left one of their sisters with more melanin hanging. What truly is feminism when the women at the…
  • Vanessa Hudgens Boner Jams and Crap Around the Web

    Wed 5:45pm By Robert Paulsen
    Today we've got Jaime King topless, Ewan McGregor's daughter posing nude, Avengers cast members looking sexy, and more! The post Vanessa Hudgens Boner Jams and Crap Around the Web appeared first on WWTDD - What Would Tyler Durden Do?.
  • Ewan McGregor’s Other Daughter Doing Playboy

    Wed 5:15pm By Elliot Wolf
    It’s pretty clear which parent the McGregor kids are siding with in the divorce. Ewan’s 16-year-old recorded a diss song about him not too long ago and now his 22-year-old is choosing to model for Playboy instead of utilizing her NYU degree. But who knows,…