• Heather Graham Reminds Us She's Alive

    Sun 10:15am By Sam Robeson
    Heather Graham is either 90's roadkill or one of the few survivors of the garbage decade. Her talents didn't allow for continued mainstream success post-Boogie Nights and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Not that she wasn't a good actress. Graham made…
  • Bella Hadid Handle With Care

    Sat 10:15am By Sam Robeson
    Bella Hadid is tearing through Paris like the publicity machine Tasmanian Devil wearing anything that sticks. Her style sensibilities have left her in a bra and bright orange 90's prostitute-inspired garb. Since Hadid looks like she was thirty in the 90's,…
  • Make Your Summer Hotter With 7 Days Free To PlayboyTV!

    Fri 5:00pm By Sponsored Content
    The folks at PlayboyTV, king of all things hot, have put together a special offer that we’d like to hook you up with, because we really do like sharing the hottest naked women online. We know your minds are already in the gutter and we just want to make sure…
  • Polina Malinovskaya Russian (W)hacking and Shit Around the Web

    Fri 3:45pm By Robert Paulsen
    Kim K tries to be Jackie O, Caroline Vreeland clearly nude, and more! read more
  • Aly Raisman Survives Yet Another Body Comment (VIDEO)

    Fri 3:15pm By Lex Jurgen
    Aly Raisman was at the NHL Awards which apparently exist and occur on a Wednesday night in late June when no sports are on presenting an award alongside hockey legend, Marcel Dionne. Dionne is the old guy with the Frenchie accent. He's perfect for the role.…
  • Johnny Depp Stone Cold Assassin

    Fri 2:14pm By Lex Jurgen
    In his current physical state, Johnny Depp couldn't assassinate a wingless bee. In his previous physical state, it would've been a fair fight. The bracelet jiggling wino and self-deluded hippy cowboy made an appearance at the Glastonbury arts festival in…
  • This Week's Mr. Skin Minute Uncovers Kirsten Dunst's Beguiling Boobs (VIDEO)

    Fri 12:42pm By Robert Paulsen
    Kirsten Dunst, Tatiana Maslany, and Yetide Badaki all dare to bare this week! read more
  • Bella Thorne Working That Disick

    Fri 12:12pm By Sam Robeson
    At only nineteen years old Bella Thorne has learned that the key to winning the hearts of Americans is fake fucking a Kardashian tangental douchebag. America's Busted Sweetheart was randomly caught by the paps holding hands with Scott Disick while leaving 1…
  • NASA Blasts Gwyneth Paltrow, Though Not Into Space

    Fri 11:11am By Lex Jurgen
    Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop site for women not yet under financial conservatorships is pushing $120 stickers placed on the arm designed to "rebalance the energy frequency in our bodies.” Like a tuning fork to restore the body to optimal electronic frequency. read…
  • Bill Cosby Beast Mode

    Fri 10:10am By Lex Jurgen
    Anybody who thought Billy Cosby was going to retreat into a mole like underground existence following his mistrial in his criminal rape case was wrong by a full one-eighty. Cosby and his Fat Albert gang are planning a nationwide series of town hall meetings on…
  • Ariel Winter Not Paying the Help

    Fri 9:09am By Sam Robeson
    Every time a celebrity slams a shameful story about themselves we need to take a shot. We'll die in three minutes but at least we had fun. Ariel Winter is clapping back at the h8ers (another linguistics home run of the 21st century) who claim she gives her…
  • Zayn Malik Seems Uniquely Reasonable

    Fri 8:08am By Lex Jurgen
    Nobody likes the TSA junior detective kit set up at airports. Even terrorists seeking an eternal heaven can't abide a two hour wait to go bare feet with strangers. Though everybody begrudgingly agrees they don't want to end up on the slamming into a hi-rise…