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  • The Worst, Most Terrifingly Douchy Children’s Birthday Party Invite Goes Viral

    18 April 2015, 11:23 am by: Shannon

    Every once in a while, a viral story comes along and touches your heart, or shocks you to the core of your very being. The cunt-punt sorority girl letter is one that will stay with me until the end of time. And this new e-mail, from the world’s douchiest…
  • First Look: ‘Grace And Frankie’ Is The Next Late-Age LGBT Series

    18 April 2015, 10:00 am by: Shannon

    If you know anything about my feelings on Amazon‘s Transparent (and by now, you should), you’ll know that I won’t stand for just any show being compared to it. Sure, Grace and Frankie takes on the theme of a late-age LGBT coming out narrative—and uses…
  • Why Aren’t You Watching ‘The Last Man On Earth’ With Me?!

    18 April 2015, 9:00 am by: Shannon

    I hadn’t made plans to watch the new FOX post-apocalyptic comedy The Last Man On Earth, and then I started reading all of this buzz about it. One of our editors at Paste Magazine wrote an essay about it when the show first premiered, and finally one day I…
  • Let’s All Try To Make Sense Of Rihanna’s New Mouth Piercing

    18 April 2015, 8:45 am by: Shannon

    Badgalriri strikes again, with yet another Instagram photo that has me tilting my head to the side, and going, “Hmmmmkay” (that’s “Hmmm” + “Mkay“). We know that when Rihanna‘s not making new music, or pranking the bejeezus out of Jimmy Kimmel,…
  • This Photo Of Nicki Minaj’s Mother Will Explain Everything

    18 April 2015, 8:14 am by: Shannon

    There are few things that excite more in this world than meeting (or “meeting”) someone’s mom. Characters on TV, characters in movies, celebrities, your friends and lovers—everyone just makes a lot more sense when you can bear witness to the human from…
  • Watch: The First Trailer For ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Has Been Officially Released

    17 April 2015, 7:36 pm by: Trent

    Last night, the first trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice leaked online 4 days before it was due to be unveiled in movie theaters around the country on Monday night. Just a short time ago, director Zack Snyder released the trailer officially since…
  • ‘Jurassic World’ Releases A Fun Dino-Centric Poster

    17 April 2015, 7:18 pm by: Trent

    Universal Pictures just released a new poster for the forthcoming sequel film Jurassic World that features actress Bryce Dallas Howard‘s character standing face to face with the man-made genetic hybrid dinosaur Indominus Rex. The poster art is a nicely…
  • Watch: Darren Criss Has Released A New Promo Video For ‘Hedwig And The Angry Inch’

    17 April 2015, 3:53 pm by: Trent

    Earlier this week, we got our first look at Glee actor Darren Criss in full make-up as he will appear in the current Broadway musical production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and today we get to see him in action, sorta, as Hedwig. Criss shared a new promo…
  • Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss Stars In This New ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Poster

    17 April 2015, 3:33 pm by: Trent

    This week alone, we’ve gotten Magic Mike XXL character posters that feature actors Channing Tatum and Adam Rodriguez but today we get to see the newest poster for MMXXL that features professional dancer Stephen tWitch Boss, who has been added to the movie…
  • A Night Out With The Girls

    17 April 2015, 2:31 pm by: Trent

    Last night I met up with my friends Ollie and Amelia for a fun little hang in DTLA where we grabbed dinner then saw a show. Because we are such big fans of her music and because I was really impressed when I saw her in concert a couple of years ago, we were…
  • Les News, 041715

    17 April 2015, 2:11 pm by: Trent

    • A teacher shares her 3rd grade students’ secrets [Buzzfeed] • Victoria Beckham smiles, I’m sure [PopSugar] • Anna Kendrick is writing a book [LaineyGossip] • Miley Cyrus continues to Free The Nipple [Celebuzz] • Throwing it back to Dick Van…
  • Watch: This Video Of Matthew McConaughey’s Reaction To The New ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’…

    17 April 2015, 1:39 pm by: Trent

    SO, by now you and the rest of the people living on planet earth have watched and rewatched the second teaser trailer that was released yesterday for the upcoming sequel film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It only stands to reason that celebs watched and geeked…
  • The Entire Beckham Family Sat In The Front Row Of Buberry’s Fashion Show

    17 April 2015, 1:26 pm by: Trent

    British fashion brand Burberry hosted a special London in Los Angeles event at the Griffith Observatory last night which included a who’s who the fashion elite at the runway show. The entire Beckham family was seated in the front row next to Vogue magazine…
  • Watch: Hugh Jackman Shares A New Teaser For ‘Pan’ On Instagram

    17 April 2015, 12:58 pm by: Trent

    Back in November, we got our first look at the first trailer for the new Peter Pan origin story movie Pan which stars Hugh Jackman in the role of Blackbeard. Today, courtesy of Jackman, we get another look at Pan in the new teaser video that he shared on his…
  • Zayn Malik Got His Nose Pierced

    17 April 2015, 12:15 pm by: Trent

    Since he quit One Direction, Zayn Malik has been very busy being his own man … apart from the boy band that made him famous. As you may know, we already got to sample his first solo song outside of 1D and we learned that his engagement to fiancée Perrie…
  • So What If I Cried During Last Night’s ‘Scandal’: ‘I’m Just A Bill’

    17 April 2015, 12:14 pm by: Shannon

    I’m not sure if any other moms out there can relate to this, but I used to be a WAY less emotional human being, pre-babies. I only cried during the REALLY good movies, and almost never during TV shows, and just not a lot of crying in general. I’m going to…
  • Watch: The Second Teaser For ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Has Been Recreated In LEGO

    17 April 2015, 11:53 am by: Trent

    The second teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released only yesterday and mere hours later, it was already recreated in LEGO form by an industrious fan. As you may recall, the first Force Awakens teaser trailer was remade a few times by fans (in LEGO…
  • Jared Leto Shows Off His Green Joker Hair On Snapchat

    17 April 2015, 11:19 am by: Trent

    After a couple of pre-transformation tease photos HERE and HERE, we finally got an “official” look at Jared Leto as he will look as The Joker in the upcoming superhero movie Suicide Squad. But that official look didn’t really look all that Joker-like.…
  • First Look: The First Trailer For ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Has Leaked Online

    17 April 2015, 3:54 am by: Trent

    Altho the first trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice won’t be released officially here in the US until Monday evening, the trailer did make its debut online earlier tonight from somewhere outside of the US. A foreign version of the trailer, with…
  • First Listen: Paris Hilton Teases Her New Single ‘High Off My Love’

    16 April 2015, 6:29 pm by: Trent

    Paris Hilton is intent on making another go of having a music career even tho she released a song called Come Alive last summer and it didn’t really go anywhere. You may recall that last summer, we learned that she filmed two music videos for two songs ……
  • Ryan Gosling’s New Hair’do Makes Him Look Totally Different

    16 April 2015, 6:15 pm by: Trent

    Ryan Gosling has begun work on his next film, The Big Short, and as you can see below, Ryan is rockin’ a new hair’do that makes him almost unrecognizable. Gone are Ryan‘s usual golden locks … and, if I’m being totally honest, his sex appeal. As I…
  • Kim Richards Of ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Was Arrested For Being A Drunken Mess

    16 April 2015, 3:09 pm by: Trent

    Kim Richards spent most of the just completed season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills trying to defend herself from constant allegations and concern that she fell off the wagon after she showed up to a fellow castmember’s home while high on…
  • First Look: Here Is The Second Teaser Trailer For ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

    16 April 2015, 2:17 pm by: Trent

    After JJ Abrams brought out a bunch of actors, both old and new, from the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens at the discussion panel that kicked off Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA this morning, the second trailer for The Force Awakens…
  • Mac Sabbath Slays, Chvrches Rules

    16 April 2015, 2:11 pm by: Trent

    Last night, I finally got to see the LA cover band Mac Sabbath live in concert and I am very happy to report that it was truly one of the most fun concerts I’d been to in a very long time. Mac Sabbath is a Black Sabbath cover band that dresses as demonic…
  • Les News, 041615

    16 April 2015, 2:08 pm by: Trent

    • Anna Kendrick rules all things on earth [Buzzfeed] • Things are still not great between the Richards sisters [PopSugar] • Gwyneth Paltrow

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