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  • #FBF – 7 Now Famous Actors Who Guest Starred On Gilmore Girls

    Fri 11:41am By Eavie Porter
    I don't know about you, but the entire team here at Buzznet is counting down the days until our TV screens are blessed with new Gilmore Girls episodes via Netflix. As we wait impatiently for another trip back to Star's Hollow and take bets on which hunk Rory…
  • Advice On How To Kick Start The Career Of Your Dreams

    Fri 10:37am By Tina Roumeliotis
    Let’s be real here. Figuring out what you want to do with your life can be a tad bit horrifying. For me personally, I always had that nagging feeling that I’m not good enough for anything yet at the same time, the other half of me would be replaying every…
  • 18 Sneaky Film Director Cameos

    Fri 8:00am By Buzznet Staff
    Sometimes sitting behind the camera just isn't enough. Directors throughout film history have snuck their way onto the silver screen in silly, funny and often precarious ways.…
  • 31 Incredible Map Tattoos

    Fri 7:30am By Buzznet Staff
    Tattoos are a super personal way to show off your inner passions for all the things that make your world go round, and if you're an avid globe trotter, or just dream of hopping on a plane and never settling down, what better way to show off your obsession with…
  • In Defense Of Hating Pumpkin Spiced Everything

    Thu 3:51pm By Aimee Curran
    It's the first day of Fall! While this past summer was one of the best of my adult life, I'm beyond excited for cooler temps, light sweaters layered under cool Fall jackets and allll the lace up boots. However, with the seasonal change comes one thing I can't…
  • 5 Fall Beauty Fails To Avoid

    Thu 11:54am By Eavie Porter
    The weather might not know it yet, but fall is basically here! As we yearn to transition our wardrobes and our beauty regimens to match a new season, it's easy to embrace trendy and perhaps regrettable choices. Here are five beauty fails to avoid this season…
  • This Is What Happened When I Broke Up With A Guy I Really Liked

    Thu 8:00am By Aimee Curran
    It's been just over two weeks since I broke up with a guy I thought maybe could be something more than a late summer fling. He kind of came out of nowhere, when I was least expecting to make a more-than-friend connection. Living in the age of social media, it…
  • Quiz: How Well Do You Know Taylor Swift’s “1989” Album?

    Wed 9:05am By Eavie Porter
  • QUIZ: Test Your TRL Trivia

    Tue 11:29am By Tina Roumeliotis
    MTV's most iconic video countdown show, TRL, turned 18 this month and just the mere thought of that had us reminiscing of the good ol' days of boy bands, pop princesses and all things Carson Daly. Join us in the nostalgia-fest and test your TRL trivia with our…
  • The 17 Most Lovable Onscreen Idiots

    Tue 8:30am By Buzznet Staff
    There are many levels of intelligence walking the face of the earth, and they've all be portrayed on TV and the silver screen. Sure, super smarts are beyond impressive and can leave us all feeling like we should be wearing a dunce cap, but the truly dimwitted…