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  • Emily Ratajkowski Is Doing Naked Stuff Again, Because Why Not?

    Fri 11:01am By todd
    A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on Feb 20, 2018 at 1:07pm PST   You’re not going to believe this, and I had a hard time believing it myself,...…
  • Somebody Sent Meghan Markle And Her Fiancé Some Fake Anthrax

    Thu 11:29am By todd
    Meghan Markle isn’t allowed to be killed until she decides to leave Prince Harry, so this was pretty scary. Yahoo News! reports: Scotland Yard is investigating after a letter containing...…
  • Natalie Portman Is Very Sorry About Signing That Roman Polanski Petition

    Wed 10:37am By todd
      A white woman named Kate wrote an article for BuzzFeed called, “Natalie Portman Is The Woke Actor We Need Right Now,” and I assume Kate still tweets that Hillary...…
  • Lindsay Lohan Is Playing A Werewolf In A Movie, Guys

    Wed 9:28am By todd
      Lindsay Lohan is apparently a Muslim now, but there’s nothing in the Quran that says you can’t star in generically titled, dumped-to-Netflix movie if you so choose. So here’s...…
  • ‘Justice League’ Has An Honest Trailer

    Wed 8:36am By todd
      You knew it was coming. The Justice League Honest Trailer is here and its just a lot of stuff that people who don’t have a picture of Zack Snyder... The post ‘Justice League’ Has An Honest Trailer appeared first on I Don't Like You In That Way.
  • Fergie Is Sorry For Her National Anthem

    Tue 10:16am By todd
      If told me that in 2018 a person who didn’t work in the White House would bring shame and embarrassment to America, I wouldn’t have believed you. Now that... The post Fergie Is Sorry For Her National Anthem appeared first on I Don't Like You In That Way.
  • Jennifer Lawrence Did The ‘Red Sparrow’ Photocall

    Tue 9:29am By todd
      According to Mueller, we’re pretty much all Russian bots now because we mostly get our news from memes, so I’m not sure if a movie glamorizing the effectiveness of...…
  • Hello, Christina Aguilera

    Tue 9:16am By todd
      It’s easy to forget to how hot Christina Aguilera was before the Latin genes and having a bunch of kids caught up to her, but she wants to remind... The post Hello, Christina Aguilera appeared first on I Don't Like You In That Way.
  • Chadwick Boseman Covers ‘Rolling Stone’

    Mon 9:52am By todd
      Black Panther is making all the money right now and Disney has pledged to take 25% of the profits to help the black community. Haha jk, Disney is going... The post Chadwick Boseman Covers ‘Rolling Stone’ appeared first on I Don't Like You In That Way.
  • Russia Hacked Fergie’s Voice

    Mon 8:43am By todd
      Man, what a wild Black History Month it’s been so far.  The 2018 NBA All-Star Game was last night and Fergie paid tribute to famous black singer Jessica Rabbit... The post Russia Hacked Fergie’s Voice appeared first on I Don't Like You In That Way.