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  • Robert Durst Did DVD Commentary For the Movie About Him Murdering People

    2 April 2015, 1:19 am by: Gabrielle Bluestone

    Hey Robert Durst kind of loves talking about his dead wife—long before The Jinx premiered, he apparently provided DVD commentary for All Good Things, the 2010 movie about him murdering three people. Read more...
  • Woman Arrested in Hotel Murder of D.C. Lawyer

    1 April 2015, 11:15 pm by: Gabrielle Bluestone

    More than a month after discovering the body of an up-and-coming young D.C. attorney in an upscale hotel room, police believe they have a lead: a 21-year-old woman caught on surveillance cameras the night of the murder.Read more...
  • Cop Filmed Berating an Uber Driver Will Be Transferred Out of Elite Unit

    1 April 2015, 9:24 pm by: Gabrielle Bluestone

    The New York cop caught on camera insulting and yelling at an Uber driver who dared to suggest he use his blinker is being transferred from his current position on an elite joint terrorism task force, officials said Wednesday. Read more...
  • Chris Rock Sure Gets Pulled Over a Lot

    1 April 2015, 7:20 pm by: Gabrielle Bluestone

    Wow Chris Rock must be a terrible driver, or something.Read more...
  • Gaza Man "Cheated" Into Selling Banksy Painted on His Door for $175

    1 April 2015, 7:04 pm by: Andy Cush

    When Banksy lands in a city and begins a street art-making spree, there's a routine that usually follows. First, the stenciled paintings are ignored, then, after people realize what they are, they are gawked at and occasionally vandalized. Eventually, they are…
  • The Most Popular Antidepressants Are Based On A Theory We Know Is Wrong

    1 April 2015, 6:10 pm by: Levi Gadye

    One in ten Americans takes an anti-depressant drug like Zoloft or Prozac. But these drugs are designed based on a theory that's already been roundly disproven: the "chemical imbalance" theory of depression. Why haven't our drugs kept up with the science of…
  • io9 10 Authors Who Wrote Gritty, Realistic Fantasy Before George R.R.

    1 April 2015, 5:41 pm by: Jane-Claire Quigley

    io9 10 Authors Who Wrote Gritty, Realistic Fantasy Before George R.R. Martin | Jezebel What the Hell Is Going On At American Apparel? | Kotaku DC Comics' Big New Crossover Isn't Off to a Great Start | Lifehacker Feed a Large Family on $10 a Day with a…
  • Benghazi Committee Wants to Talk to Hillary's Private Spy

    1 April 2015, 5:41 pm by: Sam Biddle

    The House committee investigating the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi wants to talk to Sidney Blumenthal , the former Hillary Clinton aide who ran a private intelligence network for the former secretary of state, Gawker has learned.Read more...
  • 500 Days of Kristin, Day 66: Kristin's Favorite Shoe by Kristin

    1 April 2015, 5:34 pm by: Allie Jones

    Kristin Cavallari, whose debut book Balancing on Heels drops in 434 days, designs a line of mid-priced shoes that retail at select Nordstrom stores. Before you buy every pair of Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry shoes available, consider that she likes…
  • A New York Nanny's Job Description Seems Kind of Psycho

    1 April 2015, 5:30 pm by: Hamilton Nolan

    Are you a parent? Have you hired a nanny? Have you given that nanny a written "job description?" Is it 22 pages long? You monster. Read more...
  • Sen. Bob Menendez Indicted After Years-Long Corruption Investigation

    1 April 2015, 5:00 pm by: Jay Hathaway

    Senator Robert Menendez, (D-N.J.), was indicted on 13 counts of corruption—including eight counts of bribery—on Wednesday, with federal prosecutors alleging he used his position to do favors for a South Florida ophthalmologist who was also a longtime…
  • Zoë Kravitz Gets Why She's Famous

    1 April 2015, 5:00 pm by: Dayna Evans

    The daughter of Lenny Kravitz, the divine Zoë, is on the cover of the latest issue of Complex magazine, speaking some truths about her struggles with anorexia, her embarrassing parents ("Dad—you cannot leave the house in only a blanket"), and what it was…
  • Video Shows Cops Pulling Unarmed Black Man From Car and Pummeling Him

    1 April 2015, 4:59 pm by: Andy Cush

    Michigan state police are investigating a January incident in which Floyd Dent, a black man who was unarmed, was pulled from his car and beaten and tasered during a traffic stop in the town of Inkster. Several of the charges against Dent were dropped after the…
  • Winter Is Just About Dead, Except in the Northeast, Sorry About That

    1 April 2015, 4:43 pm by: Dennis Mersereau

    Welcome to April! The next month looks like it'll be interesting, with warmer-than-average temperatures for much of the country, except the Northeast, where winter clings like tangy marinara to a plate of cold pasta. Sorry. This is no joke, either—we don't…
  • The U.S. Is Going to War Tomorrow at This Fancy Pacific Beach Resort

    1 April 2015, 4:15 pm by: Adam Weinstein and William M. Arkin

    On April 2, the United States is invading the nation of Isla del Sol. Marines and special forces will lead a coalition of 27 nations against organized Islamic terrorists who control the Pacific nation and its Shell Oil wells. And according to internal…
  • After years of protests by its low-paid employees, McDonald's said today it "will pay at least $1 pe

    1 April 2015, 4:02 pm by: Hamilton Nolan

    After years of protests by its low-paid employees, McDonald's said today it "will pay at least $1 per hour more than the local legal minimum wage for employees at the roughly 1,500 restaurants it owns"—which does not include the 90% of McD's that are…
  • This Week In Tabloids: Kim Doesn't Give a Single Fuck If Rob Dies

    1 April 2015, 4:00 pm by: Bobby Finger

    Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we call the corners (North=Star, South=OK!, East=InTouch, West=Life & Style) and assume all the powers of Kris Jenner until eventually losing our minds and thinking we’re flying. This week: George and Amal are divorcing, Kim…
  • Cynthia Lennon, John Lennon's Ex-Wife, Dead From Cancer at 75

    1 April 2015, 3:30 pm by: Dayna Evans

    Cynthia Lennon, the first wife of John Lennon, died Wednesday of cancer, her only son Julian confirmed on his website and Twitter. Cynthia, whose maiden name was Powell, met Lennon in art school in Liverpool in 1957, right before the Beatles formed.Read…
  • The Forever War Is Always Already Here: Introducing Phase Zero

    1 April 2015, 3:12 pm by: William M. Arkin

    Welcome to Phase Zero, a new Gawker Media site that will cover the world of spying and killing. Read more...
  • Don't forget: You can email us tips at, call them in at 646-470-4295, send them dire

    1 April 2015, 3:00 pm by: Gawker Staff

    Don't forget: You can email us tips at, call them in at 646-470-4295, send them directly to any of our writers , or use our anonymous SecureDrop system. And like us on Facebook here!Read more...

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