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  • White House Chief of Staff Accidentally Drops ISIS Hostage's First Name

    25 January 2015, 9:00 pm by: Gabrielle Bluestone

    During an interview on ABC Sunday, White House chief of staff Denis McDonough apparently dropped the first name of the last American hostage held by ISIS—a woman whose name was kept secret for almost a year-and-a-half. Read more...
  • Yale Police Officer Allegedly Held Charles Blow's Son at Gunpoint 

    25 January 2015, 7:00 pm by: Gabrielle Bluestone

    New York Times columnist Charles Blow says his son, Tahj, was leaving the Yale campus library this weekend when police officers held him at gunpoint because he "fit the description" of a burglary suspect.Read more...
  • Burger King Screws Up Woman's Order, Hands Her $2,600 at Drive-Thru

    25 January 2015, 6:05 pm by: Hudson Hongo

    Ugh, Burger King messed up a New Hampshire woman's order again this week, putting a $2,631 cash drop in her bag instead of the Spicy Crispy Chicken Jr. and sweet tea she asked for.Read more...
  • Somebody Totally Prank Called That Nerd David Cameron

    25 January 2015, 5:30 pm by: Brendan O'Connor

    A prank caller posing as the head of Britain's GCHQ intelligence agency was able to get through to prime minister maker of very serious phone calls David Cameron on Sunday, The Guardian reports.Read more...
  • Land Dog Meets Sea Dog

    25 January 2015, 4:45 pm by: Hudson Hongo

    Seals are the dogs of the sea, as dogs are the seals of the land. This Tumblr user understands that. This video shows a meeting between one such sea dog and a land seal.Read more...
  • Greek Conservative Spokesman Concedes Defeat to Anti-Austerity Left

    25 January 2015, 3:45 pm by: Hudson Hongo

    After exit polls showed left-wing coalition Syriza handily winning Greece's parliamentary election on Sunday, a senior minister with the country's ruling center-right party publicly admitted defeat, the Associated Press reports.Read more...
  • Report: Gunman and Victim Both Dead After N.Y.C. Home Depot Shooting

    25 January 2015, 3:13 pm by: Brendan O'Connor

    Shots were fired inside the Home Depot at 40 West 23rd Street in Manhattan on Sunday. According to accounts on social media, the store has been evacuated and police have arrived on the scene.Read more...
  • Dashcam Video Appears to Show Terrifying Rocket Attack in Mariupol

    25 January 2015, 2:45 pm by: Brendan O'Connor

    A dashcam video uploaded to YouTube yesterday appears to show part of the deadly rocket attacks on Mariupol that killed as many as 30 people.Read more...
  • Coyotes Continue Their Infiltration of New York City

    25 January 2015, 2:15 pm by: Brendan O'Connor

    Another coyote made its way into Manhattan early Sunday, spotted outside the Consolidated Edison power plant on the East River and ultimately captured by police in nearby Stuy Town, the New York Post reports.Read more...
  • Uber Mass Email to Alleged Rape Victim: "We’re Back to Serve You"

    25 January 2015, 1:45 pm by: Hudson Hongo

    An Indian woman who says she was raped by her Uber driver is still working to sue the company in American court, but this week some unexpected good news showed up in her inbox: Uber is back in her city!Read more...
  • Major Blizzard Set to Dump Feet of Snow on New York City and Boston

    25 January 2015, 12:59 pm by: Dennis Mersereau

    All signs point to a significant blizzard in the Northeast on Monday night and Tuesday, with major cities like New York and Boston probably measuring snow in feet by the time the storm clears out. If the forecast pans out, this will be one of the most…
  • At Least 200 Killed in Boko Haram Assault on Major Nigerian City

    25 January 2015, 12:15 pm by: Brendan O'Connor

    Islamist group Boko Haram launched an assault from three fronts on Maiduguri, a city of 2 million people in Nigeria's northeast, early Sunday morning, the Associated Press reports. This latest attack was repelled, and at least 200 combatants were killed.Read…
  • Fox News Host: "We Have Saved the Planet" with Wars like Iraq

    25 January 2015, 11:45 am by: Hudson Hongo

    Remember the planet before America started invading parts of it? God, what a shithole. Just a total mess. Since then, though: pretty much perfect, right? That's the improbable assessment Fox News' Charles Payne delivered on Sunday while discussing criticism of…
  • 30 Elite Filipino Police Killed in "Misencounter" with Militants

    25 January 2015, 10:25 am by: Brendan O'Connor

    More than 30 elite Filipino police commandos were killed during an attempt to capture a terror suspect, the Associated Press reported. The raid resulted in a "misencounter" with members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a Muslim militant group that won…
  • Twitter Troll Grounds Two Planes with Bomb Threat

    24 January 2015, 7:40 pm by: Hudson Hongo

    On Saturday, CNN reported that two passenger planes had been escorted by fighter jet to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to be searched, the result of an online bomb threat military officials "deemed credible." It soon became clear, however,…
  • Lawyer: Maybe Drunk, Sleeping Woman Wanted to Be Set on Fire

    24 January 2015, 5:20 pm by: Brendan O'Connor

    A lawyer for Jaime Castano, the New York University student who was arraigned this week for allegedly setting his classmate on fire, told a judge that she didn't think prosecutors would be able to prove that Castano's victim wasn't participating, the New York…
  • Trump: Romney Choked, You Can't Have Bush, I Would've Beaten Obama

    24 January 2015, 4:45 pm by: Hudson Hongo

    This weekend, sentient rotting pumpkin time-lapse Donald Trump visited Iowa for the Freedom Summit, "a launch point for conservative ideas as we head towards 2016." There he spoke on a variety of topics, chief among them why the Republicans who might run for…
  • Tom Hanks Took Up Two Subway Seats and Guess What That's Fine

    24 January 2015, 3:40 pm by: Brendan O'Connor

    In this photograph, originally published by the London Evening Standard, Tom Hanks appears to be taking up a pair of seats on the subway. You know what? That's fine.Read more...
  • Sex Ed Teacher Cops to Fucking Student in Teachers' Lounge

    24 January 2015, 3:00 pm by: Hudson Hongo

    An Oklahoma woman who taught a high school sex ed class has been accused of having sex with a teen student, including multiple times in the school's teachers' lounge, the Enid News & Eagle reports. According to her handwritten, mistake-filled confession, the…
  • What to Do When You Wake Up to Your Partner Masturbating Beside You

    24 January 2015, 2:30 pm by: Tracy Moore

    Sexy pop quiz! Have you ever awoken utterly confused to a mild vibration, only to find it's your partner taking care of business, solo-style right there beside you in bed? Did you: A) Laugh. B.) Ignore it or C.) Shut it down or D.) Lend a hand? Let's…

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